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This so cool!


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They are amazing people. My daughter once fell out of a tree (aged 23) and broke her foot adjacent to Derwent water. Within the hour she had been retrieved by a combination of ambulance crew, canoe party, foot soldier and speed boat. Unbelievable response.
So long as the rescuer does not need rescuing!
You wouldn't want to overshoot a cliff edge.


Vital Reserves Team
That looked a bit claustrophobic when it was on the telly earlier
When can we have one from London to Birmingham at a cost of £100 billion please? (Rising by £20 billion every 3 months and making sure nothing at all ever happens for at least three decades until all offshore pockets have been stuffed to the ultimate)


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. “From a physics standpoint, it’s hard for me to imagine anything that’s going to beat solar thermal propulsion in terms of efficiency,” says Benkoski. “But can you keep it from exploding?”

Let's hope so! :lol: