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This Defies Belief. UK is ridiculous!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)

Wish someone would pay me that much compensation for being a yobbo!

This isn't an anti police point, this is an anti compensation culture point!

How much do our injured forces get when they come home from war? A 10th of that I bet!


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Not sure I agree with you suggesting the officer in question was a 'yobbo' Fear - the driver of the range rover had been pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, refused to accept a fine, drove off as the officer was walking around the car (the officer claims he was knocked to the floor) and then refused to pull over for 8 miles. They didn't know what he was going to do next - he could pull off unexpectedly again and run over the officer. I think the word 'pensioner' is clouding people's judgement on this case - had it been some chavy youth driver who behaved like that I'm positive people would be saying he got what he deserved.

Regarding the compensation figure - disgusting. Hate the compensation culture we live in.


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Would have thought the sensible thing would to have tried the door first surely him and the idiot who jumped on the bonnet were guilty of misconduct there must be some sort of procedure to be followed in such cases.If they thought he was going to drive off then the idiot on the bonnet should be done for gross stupidity.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
15 times bashing on the windscreen doesn't seem calm and collected policing to me 4pope.

Not defending whatever ills the guy in the car did, but this compensation is outrageous!


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I`m not defending anyone or anything,but I would think that part of the excessively sounding compensation deal is to cover the loss of pension .
If he had served his maximum number of years,he would have been able to accrue a damn fine pension,but as a case of constructive dismissal was decided upon,his compensation should involve the financial loss of future pension forced on him .

Having said that.....taking the piss out of someone at work can lead to this ?
Jesus,I`d better be careful.I spend 12 hours every night taking the piss out of people at work.


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I'm not saying it's calm and collected or even that it was completely justified. I am saying that if you flee from the police, knocking or almost knocking an officer down as you do, you have to expect a strong reaction - regardless of your age.

The drivers actions were dangerous and smack of arrogance to me.

On this subject, I wonder can I sue for people taking the piss out of me on an internet forum, it can be unbearable having your opinions questioned when you know you're always in the right... :69:


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If the guy had 15 years to run to get his max pension which might be say,20,000 p.a,but because a court found it was constructive dismissal,then he can only complete 10 years of pensionable service,thus only accumulating a pension of say,7,000 p.a,then he has,through no fault of his own (as the court decided)lost out on 13,000 p.a pension plus any tax free lump sum he`s lost out on.
These days they predict you`ll live longer than years ago,so he could potentially have lost out on 13,000 p.a x 30 years 390,000 + a sizeable tax free lump sum.
The compensation package then becomes a realistic figure,especially when you take into account loss of potential earnings through perhaps not being able to get such a well paid job.
His employers are responsible for this,not the pension fund company,so it`s only fair that his employers (who were found guilty by a court)should cough up for the man`s losses.


One Bloody Number
He deserved the p1ss taking for acting like a complete and utter retard! If he had to leave work because of it then that's his own fault the jumped up little thug!


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The £400,000 is compensation for lost pension rights. I heard all about this on Jeremy Vine yesterday.

It does seem crazy though. Ok, the one smashed the drivers window allegedly to remove the drivers' keys, so why did the other pig have to jump on the bonnet and have a go at the windscreen?

OTT if you ask me.
2 points of entry is shock to disorientate a driver if they feel he'll drive off again.....however other copper instead of jumping on bonnet, should gone to other door really.
Thereis a definite imbalance here, the pensioner was fined £235 and awarded compensation of £20000 and yhen this ex copper was awarded £400000. They couldn't have planned it better if they'd tried. And now he makes wooden reindeer :69: