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Things you’ve missed this year

Red Wimp

Vital Football Hero
Was special birthday for wife this year.
I managed some time in advance to realise two of her ambitions by getting centre court tickets for Wimbledon & tickets for Elton John’s farewell tour.
Quite pleased with myself.
Now Elton John put back to Nov 21 & we know what happened to Wimbledon. On top of that tickets I bought her for Christmas also deferred to Oct 2022.
Anyone else got a busy 2021 coming up?


Vital 1st Team Regular
David Mitchell's play Upstart Crow in London, we got a full refund but I wonder how easy getting tickets will be once it's back on..

Imprest 1

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Had tickets for Ricky Gervais in May Chicago, has been put back to Feb next year. Not too bothered though. People will be struggling to keep their jobs and a roof over their heads.
Neither of us are in the greatest health and will continue to follow sensible precautions. (despite what others do).
Hopefully we'll have a vaccine soon and we'll still be here to see it. :grinning:


Vital Football Hero
We should have been flying off to Ecuador , The Galapagos and Peru for 3 weeks at the end of this month.
Fortunately cancelled by the company so a full refund has been made but in all honesty I can't see Latin America being a holiday option for quite a number of years even if a vaccine is found, which at my age now might mean never getting to those destinations.


Vital Squad Member
Yes, can't compete with a cancelled wedding. Our only cancellation was Easter in Anglesey, but that has been rearranged for end Sept (provided we can get into Wales); and we would have gone away, probably to Greece, in June, but nothing booked

Have to say we just made one event before lockdown. A big birthday for me, and we had a weekend in Lincoln with the lads and families, the focus of which was 10 of us at the Imps v Burton match. Made it by the skin of our teeth!!

Imprest 1

Vital 1st Team Regular
Yeah, good luck Rob. Our niece had to reschedule her wedding down in New Orleans, as the song goes. She's going for November now, guess we'll have to see how things are.

German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Wow, really? What has changed?
After 40 years in the same job my time is up next March. It wIll be a very sad day for me as I’ve enjoyed it immensely and proud of what I have achieved in my own little way. So need a job of some description and somewhere to lay my hat.