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Thierry Henry has agreed to become Aston Villa manager


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Im really concerned, the guy has no managerial experience. He needs to start at a lower level and learn the ropes. Or am I missing something
Could you imagine any other job where people would want a guy who has never done the job before over a guy who has been doing it for 20 years?


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Im really concerned, the guy has no managerial experience. He needs to start at a lower level and learn the ropes. Or am I missing something
We need to modernize imo, seeing clubs appoint more tactically aware managers in the Championship ie Nuno Jokanovic Jones at Bristol even Smith at brentford etc the way clubs are now playing football and moving with the times we are still without a manager with a plan B with Bruce, lumping the ball up to 4 strikers isn't really the way to success.

Plenty managers have come into the Championship and got promoted out of it without loads of experience or Championship experience, Henry has managed the Arsenal youth team and has been learning for a few years with Belgium, big name puts our club on the map across Europe and will help attract players here, plus he will play the modern game knowing formations tactics working under Pep Wenger Martinez etc, players will look up to him.

Just my feelings on it really excited about this tbh.


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I should state that I think Thierry Henry is a cheating **** so that might be colouring my view of the situation.
Every player has cheated at sometime or other, i bet Pep even faked a foul or something more than once when playing for Spain or Barca, Henry will put Villa back on the map in the football world and get us liked and talked about again for the right reasons which ain't bad.


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Who knows.

Personally I think it is a bad idea and agree with the "this is all about shirt sales" kind of argument, but, on the other hand, he has as much experience as the likes of Guardiola and Zidane and others had when they took over the biggest clubs in the world so lets just see.

TBH though, if this is the way we were going, I would havd wanted Terry not Thierry


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Interesting hearing thetrees on twitter say Henry will only come along with Bould as his assistant if Wenger joins as DoF!! Just imagine WOW



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Would be sad to see Bruce go, he’s done well to turn us around after taking over the mess he inherited from RDM. Almost but not quite last season but that play off final was poor. Yo can talk about experience etc but had anyone heard of pochettino before Southampton? Santo before wolves? Derby have just taken a similar gamble with Lampard. Henry could be the next best manager in football but we just don’t know it yet, they have to start somewhere.


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This worries me. We made an about face switch tactically from RDM to SB, resulting in a wasting of millions and millions of £ of transfer fees (tshi, Ross, gollini).

Henry coming in is another total change of direction, and we run the risk of repeating the same mistakes. We can’t afford to do it all again with another 6 new signings and a new bomb squad, because if after 20 games were sat in 15th, we all know what will happen!

Do I think SB is the long term answer? No, but after a rocky few months, he offers a calm solid platform. Give him until Christmas at least, realistically till the end of the season then reevaluate our position).


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had anyone heard of pochettino before Southampton? Santo before wolves? .
Poch has managed espanyol for a couple of season, proved himself tactically (although did struggle at end, debatable wether his fault).

Nuno had managed Valencia and Porto.

They might not have set the world alight, but once they had had 1 or two goes, they got it right. Do we want to be the ‘go’ Henry has before he gets it right?


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The only place I've seen this is the daily star website so forgive me for doubting it somewhat. I'll wait for a more legitimate source.

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The Championship isn't the best league to start your managerial career with 2 games most weeks when you have only been used to the pampered life of the Premier League with far better skilful players.

Plus coming up against a league full of teams already with a chip on their shoulders about Aston Villa and desperate to beat us, particularly at Villa Park is going to be made even tougher with a famously named manager called Thierry Henry.

IF this is true then he will need lots of mental strength along with a good, experienced assistant he can bounce off and it's a big risk so let's hope fortune favours the brave?
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We are assuming that SB is getting the heave ho, but he may want to stand down after the year he has had in his private life. He might be doing the decent thing and holding the Fort until the new manager is in place and maybe move upstairs in a mentor role. He could earn some serious money as a pundit and not have the stress.
He will always have my respect for bringing our slumbering giant back to life and give us something to cheer about.
Let's see what we can do in the next few weeks.