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The WTF Twitter Thread


I speak from a point of total ignorance
No idea what his colour has to do with anything.
Because the girl appears to be black, and if that is so, and the bouncer had been white we would have possibly had the usual accusations of a racist nature etc, in what appears to be a massive over reaction by the said bouncer.


I speak from a point of total ignorance
What are you getting that from mate? I'd say clearly white and had assumed myself on the reaction there was a racist element involved?
Its the face and head as she goes down. Might be a shadow?
Whatever still an out of control response from what should be a controlled action.
If it was some six foot dickhead maybe, but not a women.


Vital Football Legend
I'd say no chance looking at the stood up pictures before it kicks off.

Total overreaction yes, but that was staged by the filmer for me and the audio appears to be nicely cropped to make her a victim with the egging on...something is fishy. Getting up and laughing before he comes back implies got the reaction that was wanted. There's more to this than that clip and for that reaction, I would not be surprised if that wasn't the only encounter that night and he ultimately just hit red.