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The What Are You Reading Thread!


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My twin daughters have just started English Lit A levels, so in order to be a good daddy, I'm about to read The Handmaid's Tale and will be re-reading;

A Street Car Named Desire
The Great Gatsby

We're going to watch various film and TV adaptations as well. Looking forward to it.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Michael Crichton - Micro.

Decent enough story, typical sort of blockbuster from Chrichton. Had to be co-authored following his untimely death.


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I’ve decided I need to read more, the problem is I can’t force myself to read something I can’t get into as my criteria for spending valuable hours reading is that I need to come out of it slightly more knowledgeable (not difficult admittidely). So non-fiction, and an interesting topic (economical, business or political then).

Step forward The Prisoners of Geography, which looks at the world powers and how their geography has shaped or constrained their powers. It’s quite fascinating to read the book whilst considering some of the current tensions across the globe - Crimea, South China Sea. You think in a world of technology & long range missiles geography wouldn’t be that important but actually it is probably one of your biggest assets or liability in defence.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Re-read my book after it was given a final edit.

Truly fascinating! lol No idea if I'll be able to get it published via the traditional agent route, losing hope at the moment there, just a couple of avenues left to answer. If not, it will be self published.


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I've decided to get back into reading since I discovered that the internet is shit (apart from Vital Villa).

I read David McWilliams - Renaissance Nation. It's an excellent book about the social and economic changes in Ireland between the two papal visits i 1978 and 2018. If you are interested in Ireland, it's well worth a read. If you aren't, this one isn't for you.

Peter James - Dead Letter Drop. It's a spy thriller originally published in 1981. It's very old fashioned but it moves along nicely. I'd recommend it to fans of James Bond or Jack Reacher.

Dave Eggers - The Circle. I've just finished this one and it's excellent. It's a dystopian novel about social media taking over the world but it never feels dark or depressing. I devoured this 500 page book in 4 days. I'll be getting more of his stuff soon.

The next one up is Fear My Love Pump. It arrived just on time.

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I'm a bit the same BB.

I used to read quite a bit but just stopped for years. I've even bought a few books and barely got past the first chapter.

Now I'm not licking Fears arse or anything, but since the book arrived and I delved into it, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed reading, especially sitting in bed before sleep. Helps of course when the book is really interesting (as Fears is) but just the fact that I'm not sitting at my computer watching Youtube videos etc. has been a nice change.

I'm onto Chapter 20 of Fear Conquers All, so when I've finished (and left a review on Amazon of course lol) I have Jordan Peterson's book to read which I bought almost a year ago but only got through the first chapter (not that's it bad, I just wasn't in the habit of reading)