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The What Are You Reading Thread!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Sleeve notes for Deep Purple remasters Burn and Machine Head, very enjoyable read they were too.

U2 20th anniversary book on Achtung Baby and one on The Joshua Tree.

Biography by John Gregory, enjoyed greatly but wish it went up to his departure from Villa just to complete the claret and blue part of his story.

Now got the Steven Adler ( guns n roses drummer) biography just started.

Finding it impossible to concentrate on fiction at mo, got half way through a con ingleton not long back and realised I'd not got a clue what it was all about and didn't care, more a commentary on my attention spell at mo rather than his skills as an author!

So got a few more biogs lined up nice and cheap from the works, including led Zeppelin one and status quo.

Any other recommendations biography wise?


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"Locked Rooms" by Laurie R King.
The premise is that Sherlock Holmes in later life gets married to a young woman called Mary Russell and "Locked Rooms" is one of a series of very enjoyable novels recounting their adventures. This one is set in 1924 and the unlikely pair are in San Francisco.
I've just restarted Plato's Republic. I started it a couple of years back and managed to lose the book, I think I might have left it on the bus....this time it's a download so as long as I don't lose my tab then I expect I'll actually manage to read it.


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Sophia Kinsella 'Shopaolic has a Baby' and Phillip Yancey's 'Where is God when it Hurts' and your thread of-course


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Tick Tock by James Patterson.I must have read 40 or 50 of this guy`s books and loved every one of them.
If you want a taste,try Torn Apart for a true story or one of the Alex Cross books for fiction,but make sue you read them in order.
Tomorrow.......if I`m allowed to mention it.....I`ll be reading Heroes and Villains.......New issue ...out today !Well I hope there`s a new issue.Feels like months since the last one.


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I'm waiting for "Escape from area 42" or it's called something along those lines. It's the biography of a young North Korean Man who escaped from a State ran farm to that there America.


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I've recently finished a very detailed and IMO excellent biography of John Lennon by Philip Norman, I would highly recommend it to anyone who might be interested in the topic. I did quite a bit of research before picking which biography to choose and without able to make comparrisons, I was happy with my choice.

I'm now 2/3rds through Andrew Marrs The Making of Modern Britain. As expected it has highs and lows but all things considered: a worthwhile read.


Bringer Of The Seasons
In all honesty I'm amazed that James06 has time to read. What with his celebrity parties, time looking for petrol and the amount of time spent on here.


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He was on Talksport the other day mate, seems a really nice and down to earth fella. You know what my boxing knowledge is, but I might give that a whirl aswell.



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SKEGGY - 30/3/2012 12:11

In all honesty I'm amazed that James06 has time to read. What with his celebrity parties, time looking for petrol and the amount of time spent on here.
I dont sleep or watch much TV.
Just reading Stephen leather, the fourth Spider Sheppard novel. Great action stuff. Non fiction just finished Glenn Hughes's bio, a must for Deep Purple nerds like me. Drugs are bad Ok. And starting Mick Wall's Appetite For Destruction stories from the hey day of rock's debauchery.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
So, just finished a pretty epic Led Zepp biography by Mick Wall.

Now got a slightly thinner (!) one on Status Quo.

After that I've another Led Zepp one, just about their 1975 American tour

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
The Zep book was called when giants walked the earth btw. Was pretty good, although I would have liked just a bit more about the meaning of songs etc. But still, decent. Certainly made it clear that Page has spent a good portion of his life heartbroken at the end of his band whereas Plant has spent a good portion of his trying to distance himself slightly from it!


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I've been trying to read Mein Kampf but it's so horribly dull. It's like a bad footballer's autobiography. It's going back on the shelf now that I've got a Sherlock Holmes book. The House of Silk or something like that. I was going to pass on it but then I thought I'd give it a go in honour of BBJ. He was right about Jack Reacher.