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The Vital Villa Music Thread

Pride of Lions

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I've just been watching a download I did of Emerson Lake & Palmer (Masters from the Vault). It was their first album, self named. Got to be 1970/71, filmed live in Europe somewhere.

As you'd expect, the great, late Keith Emerson up to his usual (then) antics of sticking daggers through the keys, jumping over the keyboards, spinning the keyboards around to gain different sounds, lying on the floor with a keyboard over him etc etc...... and an equally brilliant drum solo for Brummie Carl Palmer. The stuff is brilliantly 'out there'...... Reminds me so much when I went to see them, must of been a few months later at the old Odeon in New Street Birmingham........


Thomas Holte

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In keeping with the Irish theme here is a video from a guy called Gary Flaherty that he made for his final year project for Digital Media Design in the University of Limerick.
It is a machinima video implemented through second life. It is a video based on the Irish song Jimmy Mo Mhíle Stór performed by the Chieftains and Rankin Family.

I love this tune and the harmonies of the Rankin Family.

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See what you mean SJH. Pedophilia, incest and child abuse have been with us since time began unfortunately. Brave song. Was it written by Christy Moore?
I think it's one of those old folk songs, where the origin is uncertain. Christy Moore definitely popularised it. I believe most folk acts avoided it for obvious reasons. It is a very dark, disturbing song, but hypnotic to listen to. There's a great version on his album Traveler, which in itself is the darkest album he's done.