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The Vital Villa Music Thread


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I've had this song stuck in my head for two days. What a ripper!

Thanks BB, agreed. Right up my street. Was not familiar with the band at all. Don't pay such close attention to things as I used to and they escaped my notice. They wear their post punk influences on their sleeves. Will explore. Are they still active?


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Ladies and gentleman, all the way from Texas, the one and only Fabulous Thunderbirds:clap::clap:

Saw these at Dingwalls in Camden around '82 with Jimmy Vaughan on guitar. If these two don't move you, you've died.:grinning:

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Sadly overlooked post punk, synthpop classic from 1980. From the pool of Scouse musicians that frequented the legendary Eric's club which later produced the Teardrops, Bunnymen, OMD, FGTH and the KLF.

I been listening to absolute 80s on the truck. I can't believe how many songs I likes from that decade.
Early 80s I was into hip hop and electro, late was hip hop and rave..
But I find I'm singing along to almost every song lol.
I was only a child in the 80's, but as far as mainstream pop goes, nothing beats it. You can just hear how much coke was been sniffed off the sound boards in the studio!
Best era of music (not just mainstream pop) bar none. None. :wahey:
Hard to argue with that when I think about it JPA. Apart from all the Phil Collins and Madonna, my kind of genres like metal and punk were breeding great bands (Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion, NOFX), even the whole grunge thing was more mid to late 80's than the early 90's, with Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mudhoney etc.

Is it normal at the age of around 35 where you start going "back in my day" etc.?