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The Trezeguet Thread


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His wiki page has a comment from a former coach when they got rid of him. “He runs in every part of the pitch except the part we need him to go to."

Sums him up quite well.


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He's not the sort of winger you keep out on the wing. He scores goals, and good goals at that. He has an instinct for being in the right place at the right time. His balance and footwork are good. He's now cutting in around the penalty area, which is what we need him to do. I've always said he can be a good player for us. He can.

Don't understand how he gets rubbished when Davis is hailed as the next best thing, just needs to score his first goal. Davis isn't going to make it, I'm afraid.


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Scarily like Allback in 02/03. Allback was garbage all season until the end where he banged in the goals to keep us up, Trezeguet is doing the same.

Funnily enough I still don't rate him but he clearly has a good eye for goal and a pretty good finish on him, don't want to get too far ahead of myself but if we stay up he'll be the best signing of the season given what he has done and how much he has cost.

I'd still replace him next season mind, lol.


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Can't fault his effort in any game just lacks composure and a bit of luck. Last night he had both. That was a top strike and for once it never hit a defender or the post-it went in.

I am not sure he has a footballing brain either, seems like a headless chicken at times and then other times he does the right thing.

Type of lad you'd see down the Sunday league - one week you think he could be a professional and the next you think he shouldnt be let near the pitch again.