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The Trezeguet Thread


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Des Bremner mk 2 . Des was never the best on the ball but his work rate was incredible and Trez is in a similar vein.
Where was it when he scored I remember him running towards us one on one with the keeper thinking he ain't scoring here then bang it was in the back of the net


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I think it may be the other way round, to be honest Trez is the sort you bring on for the last 20 mins to run his nuts off.
I'll wait until everyone has come back down to reality before I say anything else
Totally agree. It's nice to have players on the bench like Davis and Trezeguet that you can bring on when you're 4 or 5 goals ahead to work their balls off and press the opposition into making further mistakes.


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Hard to believe but Des scored 9 goals for us.

Even harder to believe that he only got one cap for Scotland and that was as a sub.

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I expect Trezeguet to give consistent performances not at Jacks level but his own level and keep on improving.

Slowly we are seeing him improve, now we have more technically gifted players like Cash, Traore, Barkley and Watkins I expect his quality to improve as well on the training ground.

There's a reason why Traore was bought in and it's not because Trezeguet was setting the park a light, it's because along with the manager we didn't think he was good enough, now he has competition in his place, saw the likes of El Ghazi and Hourihane dropped he knows he is next if he doesn't perform.

Traores main goal is to get his fitness up and take his chances when he get a chance, for me it's very healthy competition and something El Ghazi could learn from before he seems himself out the door.

It's probably worth noting that before Villa he played mainly on the left wing in the Turkish league, Massive step up to the Championship then the Premiership and in the wrong position for him, so it was always going to take him time to settle if he ever was.


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Tres arguably gave the best three passes of the game. The cross for Ollies header was perfection , then the two balls for Ollie , the one when he hit the bar and the other to put him clean through were De Bruyne esque.
The solution to Trez then and perhaps a lack of quality is that he just needs to get his head up more. Interestingly when I was watching the game in the week, they had no crowd noise and I could hear Smith shouting to El Ghazi to get his head up. Many good players have hit ceilings because they can’t get their heads up, it’s a skill but not a particularly difficult one for a professional surely? The game is quicker and Defenders are equally better but it’s not the hardest thing in the world.

Any list or book of the best footballers in the world usually has an image of a player with the balk at his feet and the player looking up.


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Said I thought Trez would push on this season. Last season he seemed in two minds a lot about what to do. The season we seem to be playing with more of a plan, and that should help him.

Struck me that Traore rather than beating his man seems to want to come inside, on to his left foot, like Snoddy. May be better on the left wing for the way we play. Can probably fill in across the front line anyway.

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He is a bit of a mystery to me.

That finish v Leicester in the cup was sublime .

The cross for Watkins 3rd was technically brilliant.

Popped up v Arsenal.

Both showed he has something about him

But at times flatters to deceive so much its bloody frustrating.

Maybe that performance last night is what happens when you know that there is someone breathing over your shoulder (Traore) . If so, bring it on. Its what we need .