The Topic Of Villa's EFL Cup Attendance


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Was Aston Villa's 11,197 attendance in the EFL Cup against Middlesbrough a reflection on the club and the fans, or simply a growing problem with the competition?

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I / my family are perfect examples of Tuesday night.

1. I live 2 hours / £25 petrol from VP

2. The tickets were 15 quid.

Would i pay a total of £70 to watch the Villa - normally, of course , but in a cup that is fan friendly they put the draw on at 3.45am ?

And 70 quid / 4hrs to watch a guarenteed third string Villa v 2nd string boro.

Not a chance in hell.

It sickens me to now think that they should just scrap "our cup" , no one wants it anymore, it has become tge 2000's version of the Simod.



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Don't see it as a problem. Surely the 11K odd who attended did so because they wanted to, even if they weren't happy at the result.

These days clubs have larger squads. Helps everybody if those players more on the fringe have the opportunity to play in a serious match.