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The Super John McGinn Thread


The Shackles Are Off!
Been getting back to something like the old SJM over the past few games but has tended to only do it for part of the game. Great to see him put in a performance like this over the full 90 today. Intensity and energy levels bang on the money throughout.
I think he enjoys playing in front of Marvelous, as it gives him the reassurance that he can go and press and get forward.... Midfield is all about getting the balance right and him and Marv provide that a little more than with Dougie.


Vital Football Legend
He’s hit form just in time to get a late equaliser for Scotland when they play England, after we get played off the park by footballing giant Croatia in the opening game, to knock England out in the group stage.

It will be a proud moment as a Villa fan though.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Must say McGinn has been terrific in the last three games. Not sure what's been going on with him but he is looking back to that £50m rated player again. Thank goodness
Agreed. I think some of the time that he hasn't looked great, he is probably still doing the scruffy stuff that doesn't dazzle and we don't always notice, perhaps?