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The Summer 2021 Transfer Rumour Thread

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He gets about doesn't he?....... Danny Mills I mean.

Apparently he was at The Belfry and saw Harry Winks playing golf. So Winks could be house shopping in the area and moving to either Villa or the dingles.....

Y'couldn't make it up could you.............
Football insiders every article is a made up story, along with Footballfancast, there’s a few “sources” I’d love to ban from newsnow feed.


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Yes full Brazilain international and in their lastest squad but he's not good enough for Villa. People need to realise that Buendia is a year older than Luiz and can't get into the Argentina squad and has had one season of PL football yet he's going to push us to the Champions League.

Nothing stranger than football fans. Only as good as the least game mentality.
TBF to Buendia, he has much more rigorous competition than Luiz. He's up against elite attackers and for Luiz the national team isnt brimming with elite midfielders. He has some strong competition but he is also competing with Allan and Fred, not exactly top tier CMs.

I say all that to say I do still agree with you, he has to be in our plans as the future of our midfield because by the time he is hitting 26/27 he should be up there with Fabinho or even surpass him in ability.


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They won't accept stories on news now unless they have a cryptic headline to get clickbait
"Yes". Aston Villa fans go crazy as big PSG transfer revealed.

Aston Villa fans were asked if they'd like Crazy by Patsy Kline played at their birthday party and at least one person, @dazzavilla4323853423, said "Yes, it's a good song - not sure what it's got to do with Aston Villa though."

In other football news, PSG have signed someone from another club you're not interested in.
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