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The Smile Train


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A lovely story in the midst of all the misery in the media:

It was a cool breezy morning on the 13th of April, 2012. I was travelling from Ratlam to Kota on a passenger train. In India, passenger trains are sometimes also referred to as ‘local train as they are slow, stop at every small station and most of the passengers belong to lower income groups or are travelling short distances. I began my journey at 5 am in the morning. It was the beginning of summer; the weather was pleasant and mildly cloudy. It began like any other day, and I had no idea at the time, what it had in store for me.

As we rustled along, I noticed the faint cry of a child. It was almost 7 am now and we had reached Mehatpur station. I brushed it away assuming the child belonged to one of the passengers in the same bogey. But the crying did not stop for another 1.5 to 2 hours. I tried asking around in my compartment where the baby was, but no one seemed to know.

An Abandoned Baby

After a while, I got up to use the facilities. Concerned and curious at the same time, I stopped in front of the nearby compartment to look around. I could not spot any child, but the crying seemed to originate in there. Then I looked under the seats. There, wrapped in a small piece of blue saree cloth, was a little baby girl, crying incessantly, throwing her hands and legs about.

I was shocked. The female infant was naked and had a cleft lip. Even the umbilical cord was wet at the time. Picking up the child in my arms, I asked the passengers around if they knew about the baby. To my horror, no one claimed the baby nor did they know where she came from. I coddled the child in my lap and tried to calm her.

The train came to a stop at Alot station. There I brought some milk and fed her with a spoon. The hungry infant became quiet and soon fell asleep in my lap. I gazed at the new born child with her cleft.

A Life-Changing Decision

Then it occurred to me that I could take the baby with me to Kota and raise her as my own as I have no daughter. I have two sons - 20 year old Montu and 17 year old Sontu. My motherly feelings for this girl child were special. I felt tender and affectionate and the more I thought about it, the more determined I became. Although I was not sure how my family would react to it. I stay with my parents and brothers as my husband and I have filed for a divorce.

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Vital Football Legend
Thomas the tank engine makes me smile too. LOL. It was my favorite children's show when the youngsters were tiny


That is a nice story KK, there are good people in the world its hard to imagine sometimes but there are lol,

Hey we still watch thomas the tank engine its still going strong but they have a new song when it comes on it is nowhere near as good as the old one, ''der da der der da der der'' that was the best, im also taking my kids to thomas land soon at Drayton manor and im excited for me aswell hehe