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The season graded..

Nick Real Deal

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I won't buy any merchandise ever ....the peer group pressures it puts on youngsters and therefore parents is obscene....changing it every year to make last years purchases out dated is obscene. The wages the top players get is obscene, Football has become obscene. See I am full of obsecenities tonight!
I wouldn't want to wear next seasons shirt.

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Reading through this , I was going to post what Muttley said , but he beat me to it . !!

It seemed to me that Mourhino didn’t have a clue how to coach our squad . Then , Son and Kane started catching teams on the break and that became our tactic , sit back , stay deep and rely on Son and Kane .
It actually worked for five games but then other teams devised ways to overcome that and we had nothing to offer .
Once that had become obvious and no plan B was in view , that was the moment he should have been sacked . We were in spiral , downwards .
Players were isolated , fingers were being pointed , shoulders were being coated in Teflon , morale dropped faster than our league position ..........

It was a disastrous season , saved only by everyone else having extremely poor periods.

I would class it a J ........... . For Joke .........
..................... Joke Mourhino .
And it’s not very funny .Not like Greavsie.