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The Sanchez Dilemma – Blue or Red? Integrity or Avarice?

Buzz Lightyear - 16/1/2018 12:57

Rising - 16/1/2018 12:26

Buzz Lightyear - 16/1/2018 12:04

C. I read your post and you told us how to get your vote registered , but you didn't fix it , they should add up to 100% they don't and are currently on 94% the computer cannot add up :002: :002: :002: :002:
If everyone "refreshed" and hit the "submit form again" button it WOULD fix it.
It just needs everyone to do it, capiche?
I have done that and the result was that I got it to 95%

what are your readings Rising, what should they both read Rising?
Right, let's start again.
It won't work on the current poll because of the errors already on it.
When the next poll comes out, if everyone does what I tell them to, it will work and add up to 100%.
Where's BD when you need him? He will understand.

Buzz Lightyear - 16/1/2018 13:31

how do you know the next poll will work - they burned people like you :019: :019: :019: :019:
Sigh..... because I solved the riddle! I just need everyone to just do what I say (prefersbly whilst on their knees).
Maybe Mr. T could somehow put my instructions somewhere in the poll question?

Buzz Lightyear - 16/1/2018 15:53

My vote registers just fine, it just dos not add up to 100%
My dear Buzz, it doesn't matter if your vote on THIS poll registers or not, it can't add up to 100% because of the previous technical errors.
We have to wait for the next poll to prove if my theory is correct.
Then, you can burn me at the stake if I am wrong.

Meanwhile, away from "50 Shades of Sky Blue".........

I am coming round to the idea that this actually is a sign of strength rather than weakness and sends out an important signal. Pep is strong on his ethics (as Yaya will testify) and I am pretty sure that whilst the discussions would all have been with the Snake Oil Salesman Agent, nevertheless the player would have sanctioned an agreement AND then the change of plan to GO FOR THE MONEY. This also destroys the myth that players only ever rock up at the Old Toilet for "the History" etc although this will not prevent a tsunami of headlines claiming "It's not about the money", "Sanchez Snubs City" and "I wanted to play for the greatest (sic) club in the world" :040: :040:

The response the Professor of Dubious Economics, Ratboy Neville, to the suggestion that City weren't prepared to "pay whatever it takes" simply illustrates IMO his insecurity because it demonstrates that now the rags are.......and that says more about them than I think he likes.
Insecurity, that's exactly what I told Neville it was on Twitter.

The fact that he went on Twitter to repeat the points he was making in the debate with Carragher was further evidence of that.

I think it sent up a huge 'red flag' (no pun intended).

It seems like a huge and odd over-reaction.

The more natural response that might have been expected would have been him being pleased that the rags had a clear run at the player and crowing about how how he had chosen "the biggest (sic) club in the world".......but he chose to bang on about not how it didn't make "economic sense" not to compete with them. Bizarre and twisted logic - economics is not solely about spending the most money.
Another thought that passed through my addled brain today......

I still have yet to watch the MNF rant from Neville but it continues to puzzle me. Why go off the deep end?.......unless you felt that without a competitor in the bidding, the rag offer would be seen not as a "to beat our rivals we just HAD to offer stupid money and drop our trousers (again) for an agent. There was just NO other way" but simply for what it was....."we are desperate to keep out moaning manager happy after his recent complaints about being outspent so this is our response".

The emergence of articles about Maureen negotiating a contract extension RIGHT NOW, during a transfer window, weeks after making complaints about how his side is "in transition" and is "not yet a world class team" :040: :040: now has me hugely suspicious.

I think he has somehow leveraged just how far behind they are in the league into his contract talks to put pressure on the board to back him or risk him walking away......and this has created the bid for a player who he thinks can propel them to Champions League success.

Utterly bizarre because they SHOULD be saying "We gave you millions! HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS!! and yet you are 15 points behind Manchester City! City!!! WTF are you playing at? NO you cannot have any more money - make the players you have better......just like the bloke we really wanted to manage our club has done! Idiot. Get out of the boardroom you whinging Twat"

But only in a parallel universe clearly.......

In this reality they said....

"Yes José, anything you want José, just please, PLEASE don't leave us. You can have anything. Anything at all. Another player for £180m? Absolutely. No problem. Contract extension? Double your wages? By all means. Where do we sign? Just don't leave us .....PLEASE. We don't have a clue where to turn if you go. We're DESPERATE"
Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United: Arsenal star always wanted move over Man City
Tin hats on as the media goes into a rag love in :022: Let the fawning and vomit inducing sycophancy begin. Neil Rag Custis was giving it large on Sky’s Sunday Supplement :024: and has probably to change his underwear every 30 minutes.

Bargain of the Century, Best Deal Ever, Maureen is a Genius :040: :040:

Neil Custis is a typical pub bore wanker and is so far up Maureen’s Arse he’ll pop out of his nose if Maureen sneezes. How can someone SO blatantly biased be a reporter on a national newspaper and expect any credibility? He is like a member of the rag press team ffs.

Oliver Holt gave him what for but in typical gobshite fashion Custis incessantly talked over him and defended Maureen and his “Rich Man’s Stoke” (Oliver Holt) for the ‘functional’ style of play.

Colin Is The King

Vital Football Legend
Custis accused Holt of doing the same thing (talking over him).
Strange one, this edition, although predictable.
Custis full of contradiction 'I love the NFL, but I can't watch the Superbowl as it goes on too long', and the look on Holt's face over the rounders/baseball exchange was priceless.