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The Sack Race 2019-20


Vital Football Hero
The Cowley one is an odd one. Their target this season was to save the club from freefall and relegation and they have done that. Sounds like there may have been a disagreement over money and players. A few hours after their being put on gardening leave there was a report that the club were sellng their top striker. The club statement also said that they were not advertising a vacancy and rumours that the club may be sold


Vital Football Legend
Howe looked a broken man at the end.
Interesting stat over the number of goals conceded for their 5 yrs in the Prem, an area that he never really solved.
Spent some big bucks there too, that kid Ibe? from Liverpool.


Vital Football Hero
Howe is over-rated and him/Bournemouth became stale.

Didn’t be spent 20million on Solanke as well?

I’ll stick my neck out and say I don’t think he will do well (Howe) at his next job if it’s in the Premier League and Bournemouth won’t be nowhere near the top end of the Championship next season.


Vital Football Legend
That **** on talkshit who was giving us pelters the other week over our spending - Peterborough fan - £ spending has no room to talk had given us loads when we got in to the prem ground too small etc. never once aimed that at Bournemouth whose ground was 60% smaller than ours!!