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The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit


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I must admit, earlier tonight we had a McDonalds.

It just suited our Friday life today and it was only the second time in a decade we'd had one.

I'm posting purely to point out....has anyone else noticed that the 'newer' Grand Big Mac is actually the same size as the Big Mac from 2000, but now costs more. With their Big Mac now the size of my big toe, yet costing similar?
Did you know on WhatsApp someone can spy on you.
Theres a feature called "whatsapp web"
This links your WhatsApp to a computer/tablet.
All done through a qr code between the 2 devices.
It's happened to me,
You can get rid by linking your phone to a different computer (ie your own, not your ex-girlfriend's) - you can only use WhatsApp on one computer at a time.

Morning all, by the way.