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The REALLY Interesting Thread - Innit

I am desperately trying to stay awake now. If I sit in front of the tv I will be asleep in minutes wake up after half and hour and then not sleep when I go to bed. So I have come onto vv and all the talk is about not sleeping. Its sending me to sleeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp zzzzzzzzzzzz. Snore zzzzzz

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Twitter really is a horrible cesspool of bile, ruined by loud mouthed ignorant fools who think their every petty minded negative thought needs to be shared. Shame because they are the minority really, just they are the loud mouthed minority.

So there.
'I haven’t turned my house into restaurant,' says Norwich man with illuminated sign above front door

'There is no restaurant there,' homeowner insists, despite bar and seating for 24 people found in property

“All I do, I have my name on my house,” Mr Williams told the Eastern Daily Press. “There is no restaurant there.”

However, neighbours beg to differ. One, Becky Greengrass, told the newspaper Mr Williams even invited her husband to a “launch party” for the establishment last year.

Melon Donkey

Vital Football Hero
Shout out for Andy Murray who's career is now all but over. Don't think he will even make Wimbledon

In my opinion one of the greatest sportsman this country has ever produced.

To do what he has done in an era where you not only have one of the greatest ever players playing but actually another two of the greatest ever players playing is outstanding.

Truth is he will always be considered as just below Federer, Novak and Nadal but was in the mix with them consistently for years. No mean achievement that.
Tennis circuit is gruelling and relentless to maintain the levels over this many years I'm not surprised his body has given up. All of the above have had their issues as time has gone on but Murray has come off worse by the looks.