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The Rafa Benitez Thread


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Not going to happen toony ,as we all know he recently accepted a great opportunity in China and I have it on good authority that rafa NEVER breaks a contract.


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Don't want him back!

There seems to be this myth that Rafa Benitez will sign who he wants and will play attacking football. Bringing the attacking threat of the Keegan era with the Defensive organisation of SBR's.


He'll play the same way, they'll just do it better! He did it at Liverpool, Chelsea (Where he won the CL and their fans still complain) & Real Madrid to name a few.


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He didn't win the Champion's League with Chelsea.

I want the best manager available for Newcastle United. That this is once again a possibility (even in my mind) is a truly wonderful thing and the responses on here prove that the flames Ashley almost extinguished are already starting to catch again. Personally I'd like to see what Pochettino could do with a supportive board.

That being said I wouldn't be surprised if it's Rafa. He seems to have had links to Staveley since his Liverpool days. Also he knows the bulk of the squad , they know him and he perhaps would still have viable targets in relation to a gradual/drastic rebuild. He's a better manager than Bruce and I'd rather have him here than the cabbage any day. As for his football, we certainly saw some dour defensive displays but we also saw a side who were rarely hammered. A side that after the signing of Almiron seemed to be growing and building towards the end of the 18/19 season and I could see that progress was made on the coaching side of things.

I was a staunch critic of him as a buffer for Ashley and he was certainly complicit in Ashley's continuous defrauding of fans but for many he was a figure to rally behind. With the positivity of a new era dawning we could do a lot worse than see what this man could do were he given the reigns to build a team to compete rather than one to survive.


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Europa league then! Knew it had league after it and it was in Europe.

My preference would be Pochettino but given the past history of Staveley and Benitez then it wouldn't be a surprise if Benitez were to come back.
At one point, Mourinho would have been the stand out candidate to finish his masters work. A bit like it was destined to but I reckon his stock has fallen that much in the last couple of years that he wont get a mention aside from me typing it now.