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The Rafa Benitez Thread

Like this from tonight's rags on Rafa's views on him coaching into his 70's.

At the moment I have to say yes, I will be managing at 70 because I have that passion of football, I like my job.

You have managers doing this job for years because of the energy that we have, the passion and the desire for winning. With the desire for winning I have, I cannot see a normal life for myself.

My wife and my daughters, but especially my wife say, 'Hello, haven't you had enough? Stay here'. But at the same time, when you are at home and you are moving plates and glasses around the kitchen in a 4-4-2… they say, 'Go!'.

But the main thing is to have health. If you are healthy you can continue. I don't drink and I don't smoke, so that's it, I'm fine... touch wood.



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In other news One of the City’s best-known hedge fund tycoons and a key investor in Sports Direct,Crispin Odey, has backed Mike Ashley and said the sportswear retailer was a “natural winner”.

Maybe that's the secret to Rafa and Mikes unholy alliance,they both consider themselves winners.



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"I don't drink & I don't smoke"
Does he have a sex life,f.f.s.
Sounds a bit o.c.d. Maybe he should let his hair down once in a while,dance like a Spaniard.

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I agree. I reckon Luke Edwards is on to something there. Mind, Rafa has got to look as if he could go because he definitely needs Ashley to at least let him spend the club's money isnstead of leeching back 'the loan' or pushing through lucrative transfers.

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Ashley is clueless on football. Expect Rafa to go unless there is a takeover.
Why stay and deal with a liar surrounded by his cronies. Other jobs with backing will get offered.

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If ever you neede proof that money has to be spent, just look at today's game.
Too many ordinary players, none of the forwards can hit the back of a barn and with shelveyhaving a poor game, nothing creative.
Needs a complete overhaul and Benitez needs to shift some of these players who can only be Championship class at best.
We have no competition for places and it's a flat end to the season


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Statement of intent? Give Joselu away. No one is stupid enough to buy him apart from Ashley. Just give him away then buy kenedy

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Any talks involving Charnley will be slow slow stop stop slow.
The man does not know what urgent means and totally out of his depth.
How long do talks take.
You can't blame Rafa if he walks away from these amateurs.
They cannot be trusted as they have proved time after time.
I hope I am wrong this time and they wake up to what they have got.