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The Rafa Benitez Thread

Sir Laz

Vital Football Hero
To pull the trigger...MaClaren has to go.
The cost to be rid of this inept baboon would be peanuts to Ashley compared to the amount of money he will lose out on by dropping out of the division.
It is now blatantly obvious that the players have no faith in him.
That team last night was not set up to win a vital game.
It was set up not to lose one.
How can he justify Colback and Gouffran ahead of the only 2 players on the bench Perez and Aarons who had the pace to hurt a Stoke back four who looked flat footed,clumsy and slow.
A change is needed and needed before it is too late.
The time for that change is now.


Paul Kannell

Vital 1st Team Regular
The fact that setting up not to lose never works unless you have a world class defence and manager tells you that attack is the best form of defence and yet he keeps attempting it, we're 2nd bottom you soft twat, it's clearly not working. Chelsea and Mourhinho were capable of it, we're simply not equipped to defend, or do anything else for that matter, two awful teams last night, but this playing staff is something to behold, can't score, can't defend.


Vital Squad Member
The time to act was at Christmas, should've been out the door then (IF we were a proper football club). Now, with 11 games to go it looks too late, nevertheless he should be gone before Saturday to give us as many games as possible (Again IF we were a genuine football club). A loss or draw at the weekend means we are effectively down with Villa. We are utter shite and bereft of ideas, leadership, tactics and overrun with sub-par 'footballers'.

Sissoko is now just a disgrace, Colback is still one of the mackems better players, Dummett is useless. The less said about Riviere and Gouffran the better. Mitrovic is an absolutely terrible centre forward, and before anyone says he works hard, no he doesn't and since when did that make you a world class centre forward? In the cold light of day he is shite! Taylor, Lascelles, Coloccini...... meh! The fact that Eliott, a keeper so shit beyond belief is now our saving face player shows everything, the man is a flying pig for fucks sake.

Too many shit players, a shit manager, clueless bumbling shenanigans from the top down. We're a putrid mess being ran by a man who despite his billions is inherently a loser. As most strive for quality Ashley just wishes to spread like a festering disease raping whatever is laid before him. He is fortuitous rather than clever, every decision he makes proves this both with his shite emporium and SDUFC. Hopefully in the end he reaps what he sows and ends up with all the fake gold in the world, bankrupt and bereft.

At the end of the day McClaren shouldn't have been anywhere near the job as with Pardew before him. Just leave Ashley with his toy or view the whole thing as a comedy of errors and laugh your cock off everytime one of the aforementioned players messes up or McClaren selects Gouffran and Riviere above Perez and Doumbia. It's easier that way as it's not going to change any time soon. League 1 here they come........
The club continually plays risky games in order to protect the main priority, which as we know is to line Ashley's pockets with his Shite Direct links.

Many avenues of income stream are diverted not to mention that various employees are inadequate in roles that are there in order to boost our chances of progression as a football club. The fact that the cluelessness starts at the top just mirrors the fortunes of his failing tat empire.

The position of manager is the least important in their eyes and is mirrored by who they employ. Until Ashley goes, whoever is manager is just distracting from the real problems that exist. As it stands, McClaren is perfect as the anger and everything else goes hand in hand with the true picture of the club's standing in the league.

Sleepwalking to relegation has been a phrase used often to describe the scenario but id prefer to think they are totally aware of what's to come because no-one can say that the set up here hasn't been deserving of it. It's also no coincidence that the two worst run clubs, in the footballing sense, are the two that fill the bottom two slots in the league.

So to answer the question truthfully, we need to keep McClaren to see if he's still smiling on judgement day because I know Ashley wont be.

Paul Kannell

Vital 1st Team Regular
I think the whole embarrassment with the media ban when McClaren was announced told everyone how this was going to end, I reckon he's gone if we don't get 3 pts Saturday, just a question of whether he can get JFK out on day release. Best of luck trying to stop him talking Charnley.


Vital 1st Team Regular
The problem is that nobody at the club is accountatable for anything including the players which is epitomised by the gormless, four-eyed, little, fat **** Charnley. He doesn't know anything or anybody in football so the spineless coward isn't going to sack Mclaren as he hasn't got a fucking clue how to go out and find a decent manager. He couldn't sign a centre forward, centre half or left back despite the fat fuck making funds available.

As much as it pains me to say we need to go down to embarrass these buffoons running the club. On another note I hope we are relegated before our final game against Spurs and that they are in with a chance of winning the title. It would be great to have an empty ground last game of the season and piss all over Sky's final game parade.


Vital Football Hero
It's recently gone five years since my last newcastle game and whenever I think of those inside the ground still going I'm torn between the long termers who know better and live in hope of a miracle and another set of fans who I think are the ones who used to come in late, leave to go to get their pies ten minutes before half time, leave early at the end, take flasks to game, have blankets on their knees, talking throughout the games whilst clearly knowing fuck all about the game, falling for club propaganda and frequently calling for managers to be sacked.

The plight of the club has fuck all to do with the manager.

No new manager will get it right under ashley.

A manager/team in decline fighting relegation is good for the club on the long term.

One thing that sticks out though is the last relegation season where Shearer came in with 8 games to go. This time round our 8th last game is the tramps. Maybe a Beardsley made game for him to be unveiled before?

The Owl

Vital 1st Team Regular
The target at the start of the season was 8th place and a decent cup run.
What we got was a relegation battle all season and the usual early exit from cup competitions.
The powers that be know full well that this is yet another failure of a season but they haven't a clue what to do about it. This time they are going to pay dearly with relegation.
Nobody is held accountable for anything it's accepted dross.
I am sick of hearing Charnley state we are confident we will stay up and have complete faith in McClaren.
Just as I am sick of hearing McClaren state it's cruel, we are improving etc.
Sick of reading Ryde's inane comments. Sick of the level of failure throughout the club.
A decent owner would not stand for it and would have made numerous changes long ago, unfortunately we have an owner whose only interest is making money not building a decent side. A failed Manager who is out of his depth and club coaches who accept and expect failure. A Chief Scout who is obsessed with French players and a Managing Director who really is a glorified office boy. Not one member of the hierarchy has achieved any real success anywhere and yet Ashley stands by them.
They deserve what they are going to get and I hope it's relegation.
I have completely lost faith with this lot, they have turned the club into a laughing stock which is accepted by the local hacks. Pathetic


Vital 1st Team Regular
I'm surprised the Beardsley option hasn't been explored before by Ashley . He fits the remit that the Keegan return and the Shearer appointment did. Added bonus for Ashley is that he's already under contract and shown a previous inclination to defend the fatman.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Sleepwalking towards relegation will be a phrase many use in May.

Bet you the fat odious splash of piss does not run SD like this.

He deserves everything that comes his way, because karma is a great thing.

Depressing a whole region, managing expectations, fucking off with a load of dough, and STILL people do not see through it. And a crowd that was worth a goal headstart, now replaced with students, single parents and children, ticket costs now down to £25 a game and less. FFS if he got it really right they could fill a 100,000 seater stadium at £50 a ticket.

How somebody cannot see the goldmine looking at them takes the breath away.....


Vital 1st Team Regular
I wouldn't give Beardsley the job the put out the cones the man's a rampant liability. Great player but dog shit at coaching. I doubt a new bloke through the door would make much difference, you cant polish a turd so to speak. the crop of players at the club bar a few are not just turds but rank stinking turds.

Surely getting relegated gives the fans a bit of hope that fatty will leave, especially as i don't think this set of players are good enough to get out of the championship.

Sir Laz

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It beggars belief the huge potential that lies just below the surface here,surely as a buisnessman Ashley must realise this...Is it not blatantly obvious the more successful the club is then the more successful his tat buisness would be...If Sports Direct was run like NUFC it would be a disaster.


Vital 1st Team Regular
He doesn't care Laz. He's not arsed about anything but money . Minimum outlay for maximum revenue . Money is at the root of every decision he's ever made. He's incapable of the kind of vision that a brief (in relative terms) season or two of sensible restructuring could make him even more.
How easy is it to be a journalist with shite like this appearing?

Nearly choked on me cornflakes.


Vital 1st Team Regular
I'm surprised the journalist in question (David Wright) was happy to have his name on the byline. Absolute ludicrous nothing piece of fiction. No source , no quotes, a complete lack of anything to substantiate the piece's claim.