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The Political Compass test

Gilles Lingam

Vital Reserves Team
This is an interesting test, first mentioned in post #7 by MedwayModernist in the « Comedy pilot filmed at Gills game« thread. Baghdad_Rob suggested that it should have its own thread … so here it is=

«Please note that this isn’t a survey, and these aren’t questions. They’re propositions. To question the logic of individual ones that irritate you is to miss the point. Some propositions are extreme, and some are moderate. That’s how we can show you whether you lean towards extremism or moderation on the Compass. Your responses should not be overthought. Some of them are intentionally vague. Their purpose is to trigger reactions in the mind, measuring feelings and prejudices rather than detailed opinions on policy. »

Gills 58

Vital Football Hero
Libertarian left, no surprise there then. 3/4 down and 3/4 to the left of the chart.

Easiest questions were to strongly disagree with all the religious guff/control.

Interesting experiment Gilles. Thanks for that. Think I've done something similar before.


Vital Squad Member
Not sure if the link will work for me, but I'll post below. However, I'm in the blue (more to the "right" than top of the chart, and proud):

Economic Left/Right: 3.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.38



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I expected to be further down and right.
But some of the Questions offered false opposites or dubious definitions (implications).