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The Owners & CEO Thread


The Shackles Are Off!
Be bloody brilliant if Wes purchased the land where St Andrews is and build a huge Morrisons there. Could have it decroated in Claret & Blue to permanently rub their noses in it
Nice thought, but it would never get enough business. They built the Coventry Rd bypass so that people didn't have to drive past that :poop:hole.
Probably most appropriate here… The Wes Edens (part) owner Milwaukee Bucks are now 1 game away from an NBA championship (3/2 up and best of 7).

Formally a bit of an embarrassment but they’ve changed top to bottom over the last decade. Hopefully a sign of things to come here!
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Bit of a red flag there that he is in bed with Softbank. They are the guys behind every shitty app based company on the block. Wework is the most spectacularly shity but they are up to their tits in Uber and a whole load of other dog shit "internet" companies.


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Not quite sure where those 3 years have gone but my God, could we have got anyone better considering the perilous state we were in? They’ve been absolutely brilliant, difficult to find anything to criticise them for and let’s face it in most cases you only have to be inside the club for 3 minutes, let alone 3 years before someone’s having a pop or two! Long may their reign continue, couldn’t have a better airing at the helm based on their record thus far. One day, you never know, a pundit or two might actually realise that AVFC is no longer there simply to make up the numbers! Most of them still talk about us in the same way as when Doug was pulling the purse strings!