The Official Vital Gas #WalkForGlo thread! @glofdn

Greetings Gasheads!

As you may of heard - #WalkForGlo happens NEXT WEEK!

A group of us are walking from Plymouth to Bristol over the course of 5 days - a marathon a day!

Our group is made up of;

Mark 'Brimmers' Brimson - Founder & Walker

Nicky 'Bounce' Marshall - Walker

Adrian 'Chevy' Chase - Walker

Olly 'Le Grande Fromage' Culverhouse - Walker

Laura 'Laus' Barnett - Project Manager

Me, Nick 'Monster' Elston - Crew & Live Reporter!

Paul 'Simmo' Simpson

Mathew 'Drive' Poole

Kassi 'Pickle' Marshall!

We have an amazing group of people who would love your support and encouragement - so please hop on and leave your comments here!

We would like to publicly thank Wael, Steve & Ian Holtby and Bristol Rovers FC as a whole for their funds raised so far and to have the backing of the club is very humbling for all of us - THANK YOU!

Why are we doing this? Read the story here and if you can spare any change, we'd really appreciate any donations you can throw our way!

We set off 930am on Monday - so if any of you can get to Plymouth Argyle FC for around 9am - we'd love a big send off!

Stay tuned for daily updates on here!
Thanks so much guys - the support from Gasheads has been phenomenal - we are truly humbled!

The donations, support, tweets, posts, likes, shares have all been picked up by the walkers and the support team and truly encouraged us and pushed us through the pain barrier - THANK YOU!

You can find out about progress and more info on our Facebook Page and/or on Twitter

Plus if you wish to donate - you can hop on here:

80 miles in so far - tomorrow - we go again!
Well, we only went and did it!   The team were absolutely amazing!

We have raised over £10.5k so far and the donations are still flooding in!

For more info and to review our pictures and updates please go to:

A HUGE, MASSIVE thanks to all Gasheads for their generous and loud support - we are truly humbled.

Thank you ??