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The Official Summer Transfer Window Thread

Wellbeck has scored 16 goals in the last 5 years looking at his record.

Would cost 80k a week? 4m a year? Would want a 4 year contract.

Does not make financial sense to me, and nor would it fit the type of signing the club is looking to make.( according to Manager and Director ).

Let West Ham have him, he is right up their street.
Spot on mate but let's ignore the facts he's played at Man utd and Arsenal so he must be good.
Thankfully he doesn't fit the criteria , I only mentioned him as a bit of a joke /
I best shut up

Melon Donkey

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I stay out of transfer threads as much as I can. Not because of you fine fellow members but because what is debated is 99.9999% utter bullshit full of lazy journalism based on links like Smith once spoke to a player 15 years ago. And it all seems a waste of time because 99.9999% of those linked dont get within 200 miles of B6. I'll wait until players are announced or looking like being announced before getting all het up .

Tony J

We are being linked with every bleedin’ PL crock - as is the usual way with the lazy buggers who call themselves sports journalists. Sturridge, Carroll et al will all come with high wage demands and a likelihood of playing a dozen games. Despite our windfall through promotion, we cannot entertain this bunch because:

a) they will blow the pay structure to bits
b) each one is only interested in furthering their income stream
c) the hunger, desire and reliability (is that c, d & e?) just isn’t there.

I am not really convinced with Cahill either, but do see the merit of picking up at least a couple of PL additions. For me, Harry Arter is not one of them. Etherise maybe

Tony J

It’s a sod when your message posts before you want it to. Problem with small phone screen and big clumsy fingers - Etheridge was the intended name at the end of my last post. ??


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21 of them are not good enough though I can see at least another 7 going or being frozen or loaned out that would be 15 out and about 9 coming in .
How many of the 23 played on a regular basis in the championship . Elmo Taylor Koj Steer Jack SJM Hourihane Green with Kalinic Davis perhaps Lansbury making the bench That's 11 plus Chester who is now a crock , Can't think of any more senior players that were involved oh Nyland
The rest might be senior players but the couldn't even make the bench in a side that was 5th or they weren't even at the club .
Don't necessarily disagree 57, just think we will reduce our current numbers and buy quality over quantity. Wolves had a squad of 18? outfield players last season and I can see us doing something similar.

Mings Hause Jota & El Gahzi maybe signed, but many others will leave to pay for further in comings.