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The official secret thread


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If you have a secret that you wish to either share with the site, or , conversely , say out loud but not tell anyone then please do it here.

I ate a whole tube of Pringles last night.

Shocking, but there it is.


I once put some laxatives in my managers coffee for telling me i had a cheap accent (Black Country) and had to loose the accent if i wanted to progress any further and higher at the company,

So i gave him the shits for talking shit to me ;}


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Bonnie Langford has developed what seems to be a nasty vaginal infection after I changed at Baker St with her on Friday night. She's going to the doctors first thing but looks like she might be out of action for a while. You heard it here first.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I played no part in the popes resignation.

I have played a part in a school play when I was eight though. I was the prince.


I played one of the three wise men in the crimbo school play, the only time in this life i will be called wise! :14:


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I have discovered a secret this week.

Staying at home all day with the kids is a piece of piss. Like one long holiday.

Don't believe the crap we get fed about how its harder than a real job. I'm loving it.

Shame it's only for one week.

I am now looking for a rich woman to make me a house husband. Unless any of you can offer my missus a 75k a year job.