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The Official RIP Thread

Pride of Lions

Vital Football Legend
One of our own, Mick Tindall.

Played for his boyhood team in the late 50s early 60s finally succumbed to dementia and alzheimers disease at the age of 79.

I remember Micky Tindall from when I first started going down Villa Park. Good player.

Rest In Peace Mike Tindall and that's for the memories. Holte enders in the sky.....



Vital Squad Member
A mate of mine told me today - he knew Pete personally. I think that's 3 members of UFO to have passed away in the last 12 months. Met Pete at a Waysted club gig here a few years ago. I had a Villa shirt on and he walked off the stage mid set and kissed the badge and then casually walked back on stage again, didn't miss a note. We chatted a bit out Villa after the show. Very down to earth bloke. RIP Pete.


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Wonderful memory Starchild, yes three have very recently died. it has brought home to me that an end of an era is coming, one that will never be repeated. All I would say to anyone now is if you have an artist or band you want to see then don't delay you never know if they will be around in the future. I missed Thin Lizzy in 83 and UFO on their last tour, now it is too late.