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The Official RIP Thread


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With so many people dying in the last few weeks I think it's time we had a dedicated RIP Thread

1st up will be Big Mike from The Green Mile

RIP Big Man



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Yes, I had already added to Prep's thread, but an Official RIP Thread is definately a good idea.

I shall also add my thoughts on here too.

RIP Michael... Big Man.....



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Many years ago at the place I still work at,some of the blokes did what they called a Death Draw.
Each had a name of some celebrity who was either ill or old and they all put a pound a week in.First to die got the kitty.
And no,i wasn`t in it,cos my wife works there aswell and she`d have probably knee-capped me if i had joined it.


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WOW Hector 'Macho' Camacho is dead as well



Yes RIP Larry, he was a respected bloke, and whenever i here that Dallas music its him with his big cowboy hat that springs to mind lol

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Yes, I didn't realise Dave Sexton had passed away. Only when it was marked at the Chelsea v ManCiteh with the one minutes applauds. 1930 - 2012.

RIP Dave Sexton.


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Ravi Shankar RIP