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The Official January Transfer Window Thread.


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Paper talk is all about us getting Ethan Ampadu of Chelsea in on loan in January.
I would rather we buy someone.
There is little chance of us being able to get Tuanzebe on a permanent deal, which means if we get Ampadu also on loan, come the summer window we are going to need to sign a minimum of two centrebacks.
If we extend Elphick's contract and sign Barbet, (who can cover both leftback and leftside centreback), from Brentford, it will mean we will only need to sign one leftsided centreback in the summer.
January I would sign Heaton from Burnley, return Moreira to his parent club and tell Bunn to find another club. I would leave Steer at Charlton for the experience while seeing how, or if Nyland's overall game can be improved. If it can't, I'd put him up for sale in the summer and bring Steer back into the squad as number two.
That I think would be a decent January window.
If however we could also get an all action defensive midfielder, along the lines of N'Golo Kante of Chelsea, or even Everton's Idrissa Gana Gueye, or failing that, attacking midfield/second striker Nick Powell from Wigan, it would be a really good window.
The mail has an interesting article on transers:

It includes these comments from Pitarch:
“When we are involved in competition we have to trust our players and be confident in them.
“We have to be demanding with them and help them to increase their level.
“This is not time to speak about new players because the players we have are the players we have.
“Sometimes you think a player is not right and then one month later you change your mind because they increase their levels.

Common sense to me. Existing players will be helped to improve, and we will only bring in players who are clearly better than what we have in a given position.
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We have five (5) players in on loan, Abraham-Bolasie-El Ghazi-Tuanzebe and Moreira.
We also have ten (10) players out of contract in the coming summer.
Richards-Hutton-Bunn-Jedinak-Whelan-Steer-Elphick-DeLaet-Lyden and Green.
Taking the worst possible scenario, where we cannot sign any of the players we have in as loanee's and we do not want to offer contract extensions to any of those whose contracts have ended, we are going to need to be very active in the January and Summer windows, unless of course, our U23's are deemed to be capable of stepping up to first team squad duty, en masse.


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I know midfield and attacking players aren’t necessarily the priority but I’d like to see us make a move for both Ryan Woods and Jarrod Bowen.

Woods would be dynamite in our midfield with McGinn and Grealish. He played an unbelievable through ball from inside his own half yesterday I saw. Bowen is a natural wide man, he scores a goal every four games for a poor side playing out left, plus he’s young and hungry. And his dad is supposedly a villa fan. We need to think beyond Adomah and Kodjia.


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The situation is ideal if we get promoted with so many out of contract who can be replaced and loanees who don’t make the grade returning to their clubs.
I would pay manure whatever they want for Axel and make him our first signing should we go up.


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The situation is ideal if we get promoted with so many out of contract who can be replaced and loanees who don’t make the grade returning to their clubs.
I would pay manure whatever they want for Axel and make him our first signing should we go up.
Yes Fulford, whether we gain promotion, or not, will have a big say on whether we sign, or try to sign, any of the loanee's we have in this season.
I'd agree about signing Tuanzebe, whether we gain promotion or not and I wasn't to sure about having him back for a second season but, he has definitely proved to be something of a natural centreback.
After the club spending the time and energy getting Bolasie not only fit but, match-fit and playing again, I'd love to see him signed to a Villa contract.
At present I'm unsure about Abraham, he needs an awful lot of work, on his first touch control and shooting accuracy especially. Still, if we put in that work on him, I'd hate to see other clubs get the benefit.
I say other clubs because, I just don't see him dislodging any of Chelsea's attacking line-up. Sad as it is, I see Abraham's Chelsea career going the same way as that of Tomas Kalas.


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There is also some talk of Man Utd being interested in Cahill, which would put Tuanzebe further down the pecking order, which might just piss him off enough to demand a transfer.
I can't, for the life of me, see us going in for Cahill.
For one thing we couldn't pay him anywhere near his current wage, reported in various rags as between £110k and £130k a week.
We would be better building for the future.
Now that the defence is playing with more confidence, we don't have to get in another CB, so anyone who does come either needs to be a backstop in case of injury (for which Collins might be OK), or of sufficient class to take a major role if we get promoted.

Difficult one. If we could guarantee that Tuanzebee will be here next year then I wouldn't want him to be displaced, and I'd be concerned about Chester being benched. Think we'll just have to trust in Dean knowing what he's doing.


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We have Tuanzebe on loan, with as much chance of signing him on a permanent deal as Teresa May has of becoming Miss World.
There is paper talk of us trying for Chelsea wonderkid Ethan Ampadu on loan in January but, I think that would be a silly move as it would be two players in on loan playing the same position, neither of whom we will be able to sign permanently, leaving us to bring in two players in the summer window and start training them in our way of playing from scratch.
We would be far better buying the players in January and then they would be ready for the start of next season, no matter which league we are in.
Of the centrebacks mentioned in paper talk, Yohan Barbet of Brentford seems like the best bet, he's out of contract in the summer, he's played for the Boss before and he can cover leftback comfortably.
Then there's Scott McKenna of Aberdeen, contracted there until 2023, so it would take a decent amount to buy him but, he can also cover leftback.
Finally Harold Makoudi of Le Havre in the French second division, who is out of contract in the summer. He is a dedicated centreback and doesn't cover any other position.
Bruce tried to sign him in the summer but, he refused the move according to a French paper because the style of play at Villa didn't suit him. He might change his mind as the way of playing under DM is his preferred style.
I think all out for McKenna. Sell Adomah- Hogan-Lansbury bring in DS choice replacements. Probably a couple of Brentford players who knows how he wants them to play. McKenna has better aerial dominance and Tuanzebe can cover until the summer. No good keeping loan players as he wants to build his own permanent team. LB is a must and Nick Powell who is refusing to sign a contract at Wigan. Probably 2m.


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Heard from someone the other day that one or two Bundesliga clubs are looking at Nick Powell but, might prefer waiting until the summer to do a deal as he'd be a freebie then.

As for Jones, it would be a risk because when he was at Middlesboro, he was had up on charges a couple of times to do with assaults. Probably just paper-talk anyway. They'll have put us together because Killie have Tshibola on loan.
We were supposed to be looking at some kid winger from Cardiff as well. Sorry but the last thing we need at the moment is wingers, centre and leftbacks, yes.
Cahill is not the answer. The owners have already stated they do not want to go with the older, short term, high wages type player and this is why Terry never got a second term. McKenna fits the whole DS criteria. 22yrs old, Left footed, pace and reads the game well. And the prospect of being coached by JT has got to be attractive to his own personal development ........