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The Official Emi Buendia Thread


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I don't think anyone is against signing him but we all have doubts about the fee. But it ain't my money so get it done

I think fees have gone crazy in the last few years anyway, Watkins fee including add ons will be around 33m for a player who had never played in the Premier league. Uf he's the player the manager wants and we can afford him then I say get him.

Now let's get another attacker and complete the trio behind Ollie.


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Brilliant signing if it happens for the fact I love seeing us buying up and coming top talent from the league below. I haven’t seen Buendia play that much compared to some on here, and I’ve been sold one too many YouTube comps to take them too much for granted, but his stats and videos really standout.

For me, there’s a significant gulf between the championship and prem, but it doesn’t mean players can’t step up - it’s just you need more athleticism as someone else mentioned earlier, and composure as you have less games and less chances per game, so you need to make it count.

For me, I’d be quite happy if he was the marquee signing of the summer, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all (except we need a few more ideally).


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Any of the members who said there’s no chance we’re getting Buendia and Norwich won’t sell came on and said they’re wrong yet 😏🤣

There’s a reason why I’ve been name dropping him for over a year, I guess I can shut up now 😁
I thought they'd be insane to sell and I can only assume that they're insane. Or they're a pragmatic and well run football club. I'll tell you next May.


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Yeah they're incredibly upset, looks like they're replacing him with Periera. Decent player but completely different.
If they replaced him with Pereira and a couple other starters then that could be good business for them, but it'd be like us cashing in on Jack when we got promoted, so you can see why they're spitting feathers.