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The Official Dean Smith Thread


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What I appreciate about Dean is that he is trying to play his own brand of football. He didnt go to Germany like Lambert and make the lads piss about with the ball. We press less than the German style, we play it forward quicker than the Spanish but we're less direct than traditional English styles.
I think Lambert trumpeting his trip to Germany only to serve up some of the worst football I've ever seen a Villa side play was one of the things I hated most about him. He's at the right level now.
he still as a lot to learn, cant see him going anywhere, if he learns from his mistakes, he could progress, as jack recover from last nights episode of game of thrones, we need a warrior like the viking that was marking him,,seanie


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Now the seasons at an end, I’m really looking forward to the next one, I hope Dean learns from his mistakes this season and pushes us further, he’ll have my full support come August, as they all will, for how long I don’t know!
would be great for him to do a Sir Alex at the Villa.

One false move Smith and yer ass is grass....Smith out (just practicing)


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When you reflect on the last 2/3 years progress you appreciate the need for calm, stable owners in the background with a long term approach. Half the fans would have sacked Deano about 45 times by now, and it will be the same again as soon as we have a dodgy few minutes against Burnley or whatever. We just can't help it, which is why it's all so emotional and brilliant


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This transfer window is crucial for him. If we build on the successful aspects of our play and add more quality options in certain areas, he could turn us into a real power. Over to the owners and recruitment team to get this part right.


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If his name was Deano Smithio (like Fear suggested), he'd have been lured away to one of the ESL clubs. I think the fans get on his back because he's just a Brummie and not some genius with long hair and an accent.

His name is Dean Smith and he's a Villa fan. He's delivered for us 3 seasons in a row. Still, two bad games and the boo boys will be out in force.

He should grow his hair long.