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The Official Dean Smith Thread

Thomas Holte

Vital Champions League
Got to agree that Nuno won't significantly improve us. His knowledge of players appear to be Portuguese based. That alone would take us on a different track. As for taking on the Spurs job, Kane leaving, Ali not performing and probably others discontent - possibly a poison chalice for anyone.

Think he'll be yesterday's man fairly soon and as someone said, back in Portugal.
Spot on.
He has developed an effective fast paced attacking style of play there which is their identity. If their players lack quality and still are above us that goes to show what an excellent job he has done with what he has got. And if you think we have better quality players then Dean should have outdone him. I know mostly everyone here hates him, but as a neutral given a choice between watching them and us I’d rather watch them.
We did beat them the last time we met :grinning:
You never know what you've got until it's gone.... Why Nuno? Looking at what DS has done for us, I cannot say Nuno would have done more from the same position. Keep Mendes away from us. I also get the impression that the owners are practicing this policy anyway by hiring our own recruitment team, so I neither want, nor see us making, this change.