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The Offensive...

Fellow Toon sufferers.

I have something. I never do these forums but by god do I have something. You may have heard of it as it's quite big now but a mockumentary podcast called 'The Offensive'

Basically The Thick of It/The Office but set at boardroom level of a PL team called Ashwood City. IT IS PERFECT. Loads of Mike Ashley mocking. Perfect satire of modern football club owners. I know it sounds like it's going to be no good, but I promise it is.

Listen, enjoy and give some feedback if you wish. This is perfect therapy for being a Toon fan! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN. I promise you'll laugh. And by episode 5 you'll probably cry.



twitter: @TheOffensivePOD


Paul Kannell

Vital 1st Team Regular
Needs to be more subtle, really over the top and as a result not at all funny, paints the owner character as a ridiculous pantomime villain, rather than the horrible piece of work he is.