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The Offensive...

Fellow Toon sufferers.

I have something. I never do these forums but by god do I have something. You may have heard of it as it's quite big now but a mockumentary podcast called 'The Offensive'

Basically The Thick of It/The Office but set at boardroom level of a PL team called Ashwood City. IT IS PERFECT. Loads of Mike Ashley mocking. Perfect satire of modern football club owners. I know it sounds like it's going to be no good, but I promise it is.

Listen, enjoy and give some feedback if you wish. This is perfect therapy for being a Toon fan! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN. I promise you'll laugh. And by episode 5 you'll probably cry.



twitter: @TheOffensivePOD


Paul Kannell

Vital 1st Team Regular
Needs to be more subtle, really over the top and as a result not at all funny, paints the owner character as a ridiculous pantomime villain, rather than the horrible piece of work he is.


Vital Football Hero
Created by Oliver and Joel! Didnt come by many Olivers and Joels back in the day. I havent listened to it but i bet its a right wheeze.