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The Neverending NUFC Takeover Thread.

Ashley is trying to rattle as many cages as possible.

The lawyers must think they have a chance.

To be very honest I don’t understand the whole ins and out of the whole debacle.

However we need to put this to bed and get it sorted one way or another.
Didn't think it could get more desperate and embarrassing, but it has. Total incompetence making fans suffer for no reason as no chance of takeover going through.


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You’ve got to laugh at all of these ***** who have actively supported Ashley over this last decade. By *****, I mean all of these saps who have given him more than a penny. Once again they thought he was in their corner and once again he’s pulled the rug from beneath them. Just after season ticket money was in they say? Pah.

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Absolute joke, what happened to the great lawyers Ashley hired, completely outfoxed by the corrupt, inept Premier League and the smug Masters. Another relegation battle with any quality players looking to move on. The only difference this season will be the fans being present to witness the debacle, Guarantee that. there will be numerous injuries that will deplete the squad even further after the transfer market has closed. Thats the way this club operates, getting by the cheapest way possible without any ambition. Yet we are owned by a billionaire, unfortunately he has not a clue about football.
Something just doesn't add up in all this and that being the lack of any 'kick off' from the buying or selling side.

Im not gonna pretend I know the ins or outs of arbitration or the much publicised CAT case Ashley has against the Premier League but, and it's an important but, what if the CAT case was the key in all this in that the big players working on the deal wanted the arbitration 2nd but it was ruled to be first, hence the deliberate cocking up of putting in evidence?

Some of the usual noises on social media still reckon this could be settled out of court but im not so sure and I reckon this is rumbling on forever as a punishment for us daring to want to have a club that tries.

Fuck knows what's going on but it looks like the CAT case starts tomorrow.