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The Jacob Ramsey Thread

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Love his driving runs this season. Every game he’s driving forward with the ball in good positions, he’s playing a beat and tidy game in the final third but when he sees space over the half way line he’s driving forward with pace and power.

He’s doing what I want Buendia to do in terms of simplicity in most areas of the pitch, with a licence to make things happen at the right moment.

I can’t think of any times where Ramsey has been caught out this season and put us under pressure, it’s quite remarkable for such a young lad. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened but it’s not a regular thing if it has.
Jacob’s driving runs are very exciting and remind me of Dennis Mortimer. For me his next step is making things happen more often at the end of these runs á la Dennis. He is a highly promising player with bags of potential particularly as he seems to have a fantastic engine as well.


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That's what they said about Luke Moore and Gary Gardner..:oops::oops:... Although they were both better, neither ever came close to fulfilling the hype....

To be fair Luke Moore was better than his brother, or had a longer career at the professional level at least. Gary Gardner might have been better than Craig if he hadn't had 2 near career ending injuries before he was 21.

There's an even younger Ramsey brother as well in the Villa academy so he must be amazing.

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Spoiler Alert.

I'm relatively sure my information from the future is correct, and Ramsey scores the winner, in the FA Cup Final, for us....

Sorry if that spoils it for you folks. I did give a spoiler alert though.


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Delighted for him, first goal at VP which was a very important one for us to come back and get a point in front of a packed Holte End.

Certainly proving the doubters wrong, but on the flip side I think he’s surpassing all expectation of those who backed him. When Ramsey plays well, we play well. He’s that influential on the game. Huge credit to him


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Looks a proper player, showing that he can add goals and assists, looks very strong and quick on the ball. Has all the ingredients to be a top player, thriving under SG.
As a physical specimen he appears to have it all.

Still anonymous in too many games for too long for me but it's early days - clearly useful in front of goal though and that's worth its weight in gold while the two corpses up front fight it out between themselves for the least impact in a game.


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Dunno what they put in his porridge over the summer but the lad that turned up this season is a different kettle of fish to the neat and tidy but timid player of last season. Great to see.