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The Jack Grealish Thread


One Bloody Number
To bring this thread back on track, can I just say what a marvelous footballer Jack is and I'm hoping to god that he stays for another season.

I was 99% convinced he'd be gone last season, whether we stayed up or not, but it's starting to look more and more likely that we may get to keep him for another year, and we just have to count our blessings if we do.

If we can put some quality out there alongside him then fingers crossed it will elevate his game onto yet another level.
He needs more quality around him to progress now.

He holds onto the ball too long sometimes, but i suspect that’s because he knows he won’t get it back if he does pass it on... so I’m unsure if that’s a Jack or a Villa problem...

His finishing was a question before but that’s improved massively this year, so he is still improving which is scary!


One Bloody Number
The next thing Jack really needs to work on is his set pieces.

That's one area that he really trails behind the like of Maddison at Leicester, and he seems happy to step aside and let Connor or Luiz take everything.

With his natural ability he should be able to work on his free kicks at the training ground and add that to his armoury.

David Beckham used to stay behind for an hour after every training session to work on his. If Jack had that work ethic, he could add that to his game I'm sure of it.

Not that I'm saying he doesn't have a good work wthic coz I think he has, i just think he needs to focus it on improving areas of weakness of which dead ball situations is definitely one.


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Well the rules state you have to be 23 or under at the start of the season, so Jack does indeed fit the criteria - same age as Martial.
I'd guess Alexander-Arnold will probably win it though.