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The Jack Grealish Thread


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I understand that the Blues have to have someone to hate. But don't quite understand why it's worse with Grealish than it was with players like Gabby, who deliberately went out his way to taunt and get under their skin, or Olof who made specific public statements on his hatred for them. To my knowledge, Grealish has never said anything of that ilk. Is it just pure 100% jealousy?
Obviously he's got the local boy, villa fan thing like Gabby for them to hate. He's also obviously our best player and talisman in a way that Gabby never was in spite of his Derby day heroics. He's also got a certain otherness about him, a maverick streak in the way he plays and looks. The hair, the socks pulled down, the party boy image he's got really wind up a certain type of person as well again in a way that someone like Gabby or Olof never could. They are also 100% convinced that he somehow cheated them in the Villa park game so all their dislike of us got centred to Grealish.


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They hate him because he's good and they know it. I have never hated Birmingham City and didn't grow up even considering them not until I went to land rover in 1993. Loads of villa there but I got to know a lot of there fans and the script they read from started to unveil, bitter, sad old trampy bastards backed up by 1950s hair cut young dudes with a shard end tosh that could blow away in the wind. Prodominantley they were tramps.

JP Healy

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Another reason. As if I needed one. To be completely apathetic about the England football team.

Sooner normal service is resumed the better.
Remember the time when the meaning evil mounted a campaign to get did and Brian Robson an England call up. Dennis Mortimer didn't get an England cap. A couple of decent games for a cockney club saw a London media demand for immediate international recognition. Southgates claim about Jack is a foolish one. Maybe Jack might reconsider his rejection of the Republic. If Gareth had bothered to watch Jack,he would be given a chance. I didn't think the two boy wonders were more than average in Friday's game.


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I thought in Southgate perhaps we had a different breed of England manager but his recent comments make him sound like another idiot.

Jack’s playing every week unlike half the England squad it seems, and it’s not like he’s not played in the prem before.

Southgate would have been better off just saying that he’s missed a lot of recent games through injury and let that be that.



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Amazing how many players don't have the caps they deserve really.

And yes, re JG - four great games since returning from injury, the challenge is there for him to maintain that. And we'll look again next window.

Job done and I doubt anyone would've disagreed.