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The Jack Grealish Thread


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Not his fault the hype from sherwood and press. It was too much too soon.

Last game he showed great improvement. With proper coaching he could live up to his billing.
The billing is from the press mainly. We all know he has potential, but with JT back and DS the Villa fan now coaching him, I'm sure he'll bring consistency to his game.

I don't get "the most over-hyped" nor the "messiah" rhetoric, but he definitely has talent. I will be glad to watch him progress and enjoy any success that he has individually and brings to the team without labelling him.
He's only getting the hype and the pressure because "he's one of our own."

The FA Cup semi-final v Plop brought him to everyone's attention and he had a reasonable season last year - the links with Spuds brought him back into a sharper focus.

Perhaps people are looking for a talisman and he fits the bill? Every club needs and looks for one - people like Gerrard, Lampard, Cantona, Henry, Rooney and more lately Harry Kane for example.

To be fair to Jack, he's been playing in, at best, an average side and without quality around him or clear, good quality coaching. Now I think we will really see what he has "in his locker", to quote the vernacular.


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It's pretty obvious that there is big potential there. And we've seen it at times. Sherwood was vindicated when he first played him. Don't think our relegation year did him, or anybody else, much good. And the year afterwards was mixed. But last season his recovery from injury had a lot to do with us getting to the playoffs. This season he's been below par, but so were a lot of others, as Bruce's time ground to a halt.

But under Smith he at last seems to be getting the direction of a good manager. As have others; Hutts was singing the praises of the new training regime. Think we'll be going somewhere, and so will Jack.


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The hype and the expectation is because he has ability. it's not just potential, he has more footballing ability in his little toe than most other players in this league have in their whole bodies....

However ability doesn't always translate to the pitch, if it did then all these guys who do keepy uppies for a living would be playing for Barcelona.

He needs to work on his footballing brain a bit I think... know where to be on the pitch at the right times in order to hurt the opposition more. Figure out a way to rally harness that ability to hurt teams.


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Over the six decades I've been watching football from all over the globe, I have seen literally dozens of players with phenominal ball skills but, no football brain.
I have seen the opposite at least as many times as well, that is players without many, if any, ball skills but, an inbred knowledge of how to beat their opponents, how to hurt them by making a simple pass at the right time.
Every now and again a player comes along who has not only got those ball skills but, the footballing brain to go with it.
Grealish has potential, in that he has the ball skills but, at the moment lacks in the football brain department somewhat.
If the coaches we now have, can awaken his 'awareness' to what his team-mates are doing, especially in area's that will hurt the opposition, he could fulfill the potential he still has.
If that 'awareness' can't be woken quickly, then I am afraid Grealish will become just another might have been.


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Just look at the manager of Saturday's opponents.

It could be argued that Lampard had very little in terms of fancy footballing skill, but what he did have was a huge work ethic and a brain that told him where to be at the right time, which is why he used to get 20+ goals a season from midfield.
Pleased with the way that Jack has woken up now, I think Terry being back has helped as Terry guided him last year when he came back from injury. The only worry now for Jack is can he make the Blues game as he is one yellow away from a ban, some Blues player has been on about how he will do a job on Jack, just hope Jack plays & scores


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I don;t see many slating him to be fair... one or two maybe, but the majority of fans seem to love him..... but even those that love him get frustrated sometimes and that's only because we know he has so much ability and it's not necessarily being harnessed correctly.

He'll come good though. Look at Barkley. He's 23 and only just starting to realise his potential.


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I think Gareth Southgate has made a lot of good points around how we develop (or miss-develop) the good young English players (I know Jack was kind of Irish for a while but anyway). I think his most interesting comment in this article is how there is a missing piece in terms of the transition from youth to senior footbal ie. the period of time in which they are around 17 to 21. It sounds like the U23 league is crap. Makes you worry about the likes of O'Hare and when will he get his chance/is he even good enough... he bangs in the goals in that league yet still not near our first team. Maybe it will change with Smith I dunno.

Anyway I'm trying not to get carried away (I'm ever the optimist!) but I'm finding it hard not to when the manager and players keep going on about these things called tic tacs (or tactics or something like that) and then the thing they spoke about actually happens on the pitch! :hmmm:what is this wizardry! I think when Jack initially came to the fore he was riffing off the likes of the likes of Delph, Benteke who were in form and the developed an understanding. I think that's beginning to happen between him Tammy and McGuinn in particular and I think it's quite exciting and we might win the league. But yes not getting too carried away...:banana: