The "Inverse Homer"


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The, not the legendary greek author of epic tales such as the Iliad and the Odyssey nor the yellow cartoon character from Matt Groening's imagination but the referee whom in the minds of football fans across the globe appears to favour the home side and is prone to be influenced by vocal and enthusiastic home supporters into falling prey to "influence conformity".

Or to put it more plainly, favouring the home team when making decisions.

According to research this is a well known and worldwide phenomenon and is backed up by statistical research. You know. Facts. The kind of thing the other Orange Guy from across the Pond seems to disregard with annoying regularity.

"The evidence is overwhelming," says professor Alan Nevill, a specialist in biostatistics at Wolverhampton University. "And it is across a range of sports including football."

Well, after last night's decision from Bobby Madley to punish Matt Phillip's knee high assault on Brahim Diaz as the youngster threatened to show him a clean pair of heals down the touchline with a yellow card rather than the red one it truly deserved, we have the postulation of a new theory from WBA 'manager' Alan Pardew.

Pardew it seems feels that Pep's comments after Bennett's awful foul on Leroy Sané at the weekend coupled with the home crowd's reactions has created a new type of official......The Inverse Homer. In this reality the official is inversely influenced by the home crowd and fails to follow the statistical norm by doing exactly the opposite of what they want.

Funny. Never seems to be the case at Anfield.

What do you think?

Has the astute Pardew identified a new species of match official?

Is the official, hacked off at the crowd singing "You're not fit to referee", going to act in a perverse manner and do the exact opposite of what the research has shown and show bias towards the away side? Have City been in part responsible for the development of this new statistical reality?

Because that doesn't seem to be the case given that we were the away side when Murphy caught Gundogan and Puncheon took out De Bruyne.

Or is it just that we have encountered a special breed of officials who actually sympathise with any team City are playing and provide them with more leeway because they get frustrated. This might explain why Madley failed to even award a free kick for Nyon's late challenge on Walker in the second half. Lunging to stop a cross from the City full back Nyon made ZERO contact with the ball and planted his studs firmly on Walker's right instep. 100% a foul but not in the eyes of Madley nor his assistant it would seem.

Their selective eyesight and faulty decision making are, I fear, going to be the single biggest factor jeopardising City's quest for trophies this season :014: :013:



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I just think he's not fit to referee.

Here's one for you, the Premier League is the only league in the world where the national football federation doesn't control the officials. How many of these English officials have been selected for this year's World Cup, a grand total of zero.
I think the worst tackle on the night was McClean on KDB and with the foul of Brahim Diaz how is it that everyone in the Stadium and millions on TV could see both tackles were meant to take out the player rather than an attempt to get the ball, but we can argue until we are blue in the face we are not going to get a fair deal from Referees.


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I have just watched the Sky half-hour highlights programme which I recorded last night.
They showed THREE slowed-down replays of Ferny's foul and only one of the foul on Diaz.