The Inheritance Problem


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No, not the title of a thriller from Robert Ludlum along the lines of the Bourne Identity but a description well suited to thise excellent article from the Daisy Cutter which deconstructs the latest effort by Moaning Maureen (my squad was rubbish, some of them still are and we haven’t spent enough money) to deflect attention and excuse his side being so far behind City.

In short his bleating just won’t wash........and I think most pundits and hacks are having none of it.

We have a long way to go for sure but the owners have invested in creating solid foundations as the basis for long term growth whilst the rags stagger from one short term ‘solution’ to the next.

During the long, dark years of their success under Taggart I longed for the days when they would endure the woes faced by most clubs. They may never crash and burn totally but they are lurching into another crisis IMO as Maureen is preparing the groundwork for his eventually exit - his usual pattern is winning cups in his first season; the league in his second season; and in the third causing an implosion and getting sacked so he pockets the pay off of his contract. Well, he seems to have skipped phase 2 and appears (to me at least) to be moving directly to phase 3 as he gradually implodes with frustration. Expect mor meltdowns as the season progresses.

The rags have no long term plan whatsoever. We may not know how long Pep will stay right now but we can be assured that if the two clubs, our at least has a blueprint for the future.


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Having said that most hacks haven’t swallowed Maureen’s garbage I just have to point out one that clearly still believes him.

Sean Dyche is doing a great job at Burnley but it is an shame that the Fail journo has chosen this as his argument to resurrect the fallacious old “my granny could win the league with all the money spent on players at City” mantra. Talk about tiresome and yet another attempt to degrade the influence of Guardiola’s coaching ability. :014:


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There it is in a nutshell, Skoorb. As soon as old purple conk went, the rags came on to the old managerial merry-go-round that the rest of us have always been on, with the exception of Arsenal. Couple that with failing to plan for the future and I really believe their time of dominance of the English game is finally coming to an end.

Good read from Howard as ever.

Regarding Milky Moo's comment about buying fullbacks for the price of strikers, so what? What does it matter where you spend your money? What matters is that you spend it wisely, regardless of position.

Is there some unwritten rule that full backs can not cost the same as strikers?


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Seems rather disrespectful of the role (fullback) doesn’t it? Implies that they are less valuable and yet who is expected to stop the crosses by dangerous (& expensive) wingers? Always bugged me that this role in the team was so undervalued. Maybe it’s because that was always my position when I played 11-a-side :-)
An excellent article but just pulls short of how the so called elite of the premier Clubs have combined at some stage or other to prevent the emergence of City as a power to challenge, because while it was nice and cosy at the top, they did not want interlopers.

Benny at Toons says there should be a change in the Financial rules, now I wonder which way they voted when asked about FFP?
Skoorb - 29/12/2017 15:21

Seems rather disrespectful of the role (fullback) doesn’t it? Implies that they are less valuable and yet who is expected to stop the crosses by dangerous (& expensive) wingers? Always bugged me that this role in the team was so undervalued. Maybe it’s because that was always my position when I played 11-a-side :-)
Doesn't it just, especially when you consider that the greatest player of the modern era scored the majority of his goals from assists that were provided by a fullback.

The same fullback that cost as much as Robinho did at the time we signed him as a British transfer record signing.


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There is such hypocrisy over transfer fees -

City pay £52m for a fullback and it is an outrageous inflation of the market and an ‘utterly ridiculous amount to spend on a full back. I mean what’s use are they?’

Liverpool pay £75m for a CB and they are investing in the future. VvD can walk on water.

No mention of them trying to buy the title I note.

Meanwhile the Foxes still bang on about their success. Certainly VvD isn’t worth £75m but I’m sorry, I don’t think Harry Maguire is even worth £12m.


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New prepress conference, new set of moans......... :040: :040:

“Mourinho bemoans 'no limit' to Man City’s spending power”

The pattern is set for the remainder of the season. Time for the noise cancelling headphones?
So, have we noticed what he’s doing yet?

He’s making it all about the money. Only the money. Over and over again he keeps raising the subject. They spent more than us. We need to spend more money. Look how much is spent on a defender. Money, money, money.......

.......and in doing so he I should desperately trying to keep everyone’s eyes off the elephant in the room.

Coaching ability and being able to get more out of the players you have available.

Keep it up José.

Nobody really belives you. :058:


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Mourinho has been slightly disingenuous by saying that we replaced two fullbacks (Zab and Kolarov) with three players, conveniently leaving out Sagna and Clichy.

Re PG's tenure being extended beyond next season I've read this morning in the quality press that he has bought a city centre flat for £2.7m - that wouldn't even buy you Ashley Young these days.

That's being kind KCT, he's lying through his teeth, about the amount of money spent too.

In regards his comments about keepers. He's done the same with strikers.


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But the PL is all about the spectacle and Mourinho is very much part of it. He is Machiavellian, he is cantankerous and he winds an awful lot of people up but he is part of the spectacle and the PL would be poorer without the dynamic that he lends it.

We need baddies, we need F***** time, we need Arsene 'I didn't see it even though apparently it happened right in front of me' Wenger and we need Jose. It would be a virtuous but dull place if everyone was a Bobby Robson, a Ron Greenwood or a Joe Mercer, loveable though I'm sure they all were.

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