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The Henri Lansbury Thread

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I thought after seeing him on his debut we'd signed a real player, at championship level anyway. He's definitely got talent but injuries have taken a toll and he's certainly been more than happy to take a wage and act the part of a premier league player without having to play in the Premier league.

I don't wish him ill will but I'm glad he's gone.


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He has a small cult of fans who like him, I remember being at games where fans would be shouting for him to be brought on.

I’ve never seen anything in him, except for one good game against us in a Forest shirt.

He isn’t even a good footballer behind the injuries, considering he was an Arsenal youth player. And he wasn’t putting the effort in during training, he looked overweight against Burton in the league cup game and in the picture I’ve seen on social media he has a bit of a belly on him.

Glad he’s gone, finally. Terrible signing
I was expecting a decent player but having watched him thought he must be injured as he couldn't actually run. he never seemed to be able to run ever Bags of skill but slower than a snail
Pity it didn't work out. His disallowed goal against Arsenal was a beauty. He had talent, but maybe not the physique; I saw him bullied off the ball a few times. He was a good ball player. Never really quite had the right place for him in the team; injuries held him back and when they improved we'd moved on.
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