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The Greed League

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Interesting take on the greed in football and the current discussion about players not being put on furlough but non playing staff (who can ill afford it) are.

Quite good on the players being accused of being greedy:

He’s a really interesting person, very self-effacing and kind. He has given away all of his £200,000-per-month wages for about three years now, donating it to various charities and investing in projects, anonymously where possible. His position is that Premier League footballers are massively overpaid and that something needs to be done about it, preferably a radical wage cap. He’s very critical of the people in football, from agents to club owners and directors, and “all the flies that circle around the shit”, almost all of whom he says are “horrible greedy bastards”.


Vital Squad Member
Ok! so a player is an employee of the club and is paid in accordance to agreed terms before the contract is signed. Say a player is on £25000 per week, £1.3 million per year, most of which will be at the 50% tax rate and he will then pay about £600,000 in tax and NI contributions over the course of that year. Tax which goes towards public services etc etc.

A business owner, ***** like Ashliar and Branson do not claim a wage or a very small one. Why - because it's more tax "efficient" to claim the dividends from the company's profits, which is 38% tax. Branson and other billionaires own private islands or register their companies abroad and avoid paying tax altogether or very little from what they should be. Why can't shareholders of these companies give up 10% of the profits to go into a "rainy day" fund? Why these ***** are so hell bent on protecting their profits is so THEY get paid, they get fuck all unless the company make a profit!

Amazon register their UK business in Guernsey to avoid paying UK tax as many businesses do. TV licencing is around £3.8 BILLION which is essentially BBC tax. The government want us to stay in and watch TV and we get charged for the privilege? Why not contribute licensing fees to the NHS during the lockdown period?

Foreign aid at £11 BILLION, why the fuck should Pakistan recieve aid when they can afford nuclear weapons? In times of national crisis that should be immediately withdrawn to look after the home folks first before assisting some fucker else.

Independent actors and singers who are self employed, again register in foreign countries to avoid paying full UK tax, some stash their money in offshore accounts to try and avoid paying altogether.

All that is worth BILLIONS but people are having a go at footballers who are higher rate tax payers and contribute plenty that's never reported but some greedy fat **** billionaire can get away with tax avoidance?

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Nah for me, it should be everyone putting in, so agree with what you are saying. Trouble is, the rich don't get rich volunteering to give money back, they hoard it even though they could do so much good!
We've talked so long about the bubble bursting one day but I dont think anyone in the world could have predicted what we have now as we're potentially on the verge of that burst.

We've no idea when society can go on in a near normal state to what we have had but you can be sure that getting crowds together will take a good while longer. If not when a vaccine is invented which could be as much as 12 - 18 months away.

I predict the game is going to be changed forever. All good as far as im concerned.


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Gordon Taylor has probably earned as much in a couple of months at the age of 75 being the union boss of the PFA than he did as a player in over 20 seasons. Agents look after their clients and get a hefty slice of transfer fees. Everyone involved wants a slice of the 'greed cake'. I'm for one not missing football at all at this present time.