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The Great Predictor Thread , Thoughts and ideas .

Walthamstow wanderer

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So , we have just finished our inaugural season and there were one or two tiny hiccups on the way , so I have been told .!!!!
Im putting this up for any ideas and thoughts you may have for next season .

I will find the rules and post them on here , but I’m sure you all know them by heart .
All ideas can be posted and debated and then I can ignore them at my leisure.

Walthamstow wanderer

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Walthamstow wanderer

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Oct 29, 2020

The below is the list of rules we have used all season after Gary’s amendment .....

Hi all ,
With the predictor thread evolving and new ideas being put forward , which is brilliant and welcome , I am adding Gary’s idea of bonus points for predicting the CORRECT SCORE .
Anyone who predicts the correct score will get a bonus of five points .
The rules are laid out below .

This thread is hopefully just for reference only , so you can all read , digest , understand and pass any examination on their content !!!!! Ha ha

Correct Score .........................................................................5 pts

Correct outcome of match .....................................................1 pt

Correct goal difference ...........................................................2 pts

Bonus points for correct goal difference...................1 pt per goal
The above are in addition to the correct score and can still be used if you don’t get the correct score
Predictions to be posted two hours before kick off . I understand there may be times when this isn’t possible , so please offer an explanation . No prediction will be considered after the teams have been announced . This is to make it fair for everyone .

Only predictions posted on the predictor thread will be considered . If you predict on the match thread there is a chance I may not see it .

Goalscorers ............ Harry Kane .... 1point

All others ..........2 points

I will accept a change of predicted scorers right up to kick off time .
Change of score can be posted before the two hour cut off time .


Please put any changes of scores or scorers as a new post . The last post by any poster will be the one I go with .

Just because Nick asks for a Stewards Enquiry , it doesn’t mean there will be one !

11) At all times I am up for bribery , corruption, slipperyness , cajoling , or promise , but just be aware points can be deducted without discussion at any time , under my discretion , whether justified or not !

12) Bonus points can and will be awarded for any reason I see fit ,.... see rule 11.

Any underhand tactics to increase any posters chances of winning the league will at first be admired , but will ultimately be jumped upon and draconian punishments meted out .

All decisions on any disputes will be at my sole adjudication . ( see rule 11 )

Walt has spoken . ...... happy predicting

Remember wh

total spurs

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How about points for predicting opponents number of could be 1 point for 0 goals and 2 points for any other ....but it has to be the exact number of goals....not the everything else could be wrong, except opposition goal number!

Gary Onedaysoon

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Walt, I was thinking we could have a grading system for goalscorers based on the probability of them scoring. As we did with Kane this season only getting one point for each goal but everyone else two.

So, as an example, defenders get 6 points, DMs 5 points, CMs 4 points (Lo Celso + Ndombele as opposed to PEH + Winks say), AMs 3 points, strikers 2 points.

The positives are that it will make the table more volatile which I think is a good thing for the participants. It will also provide an incentive to look beyond the strikers and AMs for selecting goalscorers.

The negatives are that it creates far more work for you and for VS members having to consult a table or whatever for the values of each player (unless they memorise them!).


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Firstly, may I take the opportunity to thank you Walt. A ton of work on your part all season and I really enjoyed the banter each week. Well done sir!

Reading the posts already, I think the suggestion from steveperryman regarding 25 points for predicting the final league position is both simple to do and would add an even more exciting end to the season.

If USA is too share the burden with you next season maybe run two separate tables, one purely the league, the others the cups. Maybe some of our posters will be just like Spurs, great cup side but hopeless in the league 🤣🤣

Gary’s suggestion regarding extra points for predicting midfielders and defenders to score also has a lot of merit albeit more work for you.

Whatever you decide, thanks again for all your hard work 👍

Nick Real Deal

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Walthy. what I should off is that USA has offered his time and efforts too - as we rethink what we can do for next season, it occured to me he might make a good no.2 to ease the burden? Maybe share the effort over different competitions then perhaps we could add in additional predictions per game etc?

I'll leave that one with you.
Have you seen how angry USAF gets during and after a game? How he is a pilot I don't know !! Totally unsuitable candidate.