The Graeth Southgate lovein


Vital Champions League
It's been really built up for a huge disappointment.
If England win tonight then it will reach unbelievable levels.
I watch with amusement.

And yes Simon I know Scotland did not qualify.


Vital Football Legend
I had just started spending a lot of time north of the border in 1978 and had all of the over expectation and hundreds of stuffed nessy's leading up to the competition. Even the moderate newspapers like The Scotsman had front page football for days on end. I wonder what happened to all those loch ness toys ??. and who could forget the 'costa reeka' headlines in1990.


Vital Football Legend
The love in will continue after a typical England stuttering performance but there needs to be a serious look at some of the players. Sterling and Alli never started and Young cant cross a voting paper. Loftus Cheek looked good when he came on.