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The Formula 1 Thread

Pride of Lions

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After what seemed to be the end of the race under a red flag, we now have a 2 lap dash with Lewis starting second behind Perez after Verstappen crashed out.

The Fear

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Have to say, Hamilton is very quick to moan at the team when they get it wrong (like last week) but today, straight away, he said sorry as it was his mistake. Fair enough.

Such a shame, bet Max is relieved. Lewis just lost his cool really, even 3rd would have been fine, with Max not scoring.


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You could see at the restart that Hamilton was going to suffer as his brakes were almost on fire.

Normal service will be resumed once we get back to proper race circuits rather than these street ones.
Hamilton accidentally knocked a switch that meant his brakes were trying off balance into that first corner. I suppose when you look at those steering wheels, it's easy to do, but boy, that cost him.
A proper race at a proper circuit.
Yes can't comment on any of the others but I have been round Silverstone and the only GP's I've been to are there 2x F1 and a Bike GP. I worked in the garages for a few days sorting out some issues on a British touring car MG and some MG trophy cars back in the day. Hardly qualifies me as an F1 fan, I'm definitely a plastic fan when it come to going