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The Douglas Luiz Thread


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I could just punch that fucking arrogant one eyed grinning manager of theirs. To hear him talk you would think that they are the best team in the world. Never sees a game as it is.
I rate him. Always have.

But he needs he arse kicking for that today and I would drop him next game to show him that today was not acceptable. And if he throws his toys out instead of knuckling down to improve then fcuk him off.
Yup Deano mentioned penalties in the pre match presser so no doubt he will have drummed it in to them to avoid giving the ref a decision to make at all costs. Time and time again I would think.

Privately I reckon Deano will be seething.


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We definitely got better today after Luiz went off. The decision shook him for me and he wasn't great second half anyway - I wonder how much he thought about the Jan incident given we were winning????

Overall I liked the response second half with the chances we created, just wish we'd have bloody took them.