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The Douglas Luiz Thread


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I've no doubt tgst he's going to be a regular for Brazil and a top champions league side, hopefully that will be us. Did more than anyone to keep us up after the restart and though he's not been as good in the last couple of months you'd be a fool to doubt him in my opinion.


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I thought it was his best game in ages, far better than Mcginn, who was shocking and dare I say hiding in the second half.
I thought far better from McGinn as well apart from the period they were totally on top and Ghazi, Traore didn't track back to help - it was the point both he and Luiz got really sloppy just trying to get the ball away but instead of lumping, tried to find a player they would never reach.


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Easy to forget Luiz is only 22. Has had a disappointing season overall but thought he was excellent in his first season in the Prem. Tonight ,for me was one of his better games for a while, yet gets accused of looking unmotivated and disinterested? Far from it. A young lad with plenty of promise who's struggled for form this season. It happens, we cant write young players off as soon as they struggle a bit.


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I thought our midfield looked the best it had in ages, Luiz included. Some misplaced passes but much much sharper otherwise.
Given the quality of the opposition I thought the midfield was the bare minimum of acceptable. I didn’t overreact after the Citeh game for the reality that they are levels above us, but I was underwhelmed a bit yesterday with a few in the midfield. I thought we lacked leadership in there too when Sandwell were putting pressure on us, which is a bit of a theme. No-one can seem to put their foot on it or just calm everyone else down through a bit of organisation


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As I said in the match thread, Luiz wasn't even our worst midfielder out there today.

McGinn was utterly dreadful and has had a worse season than Luiz overall. McGinn has never looked that good at this level whilst Luiz at least has had very good spells where he looked like a very good DM. McGinn however gets a free pass from most.

I'd much rather stick with a 22 year old Brazilian international who has at least shown top quality form at this level.