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The derby - pressure is building (on Maureen)


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An interesting piece by Daniel Taylor referencing a book by Paul Condo (The Duellists) on the rivalry between Pep Guardiola and Maureen. The book looks at the relationship between the two managers, once colleagues at Barcelona, and how their rivalry reached a peak as the respective coaches of Barcelona and Real Madrid they faced each other 4 times in 18 days in 2011. Tense times indeed.

And it seems tension is rising again in the Whinging One a Taylor alludes to what I too have noticed increasing return by Maureen to his old ways and a creeping tendency to become tetchy and (even more) miserable than usual, dropping snide comments and generally being snippy with journalists.

The reason surmises Taylor....”it isn’t the greatest leap of logic to suspect his spiky mood might have something to do with being caught in Manchester City’s wing mirrors and the superlatives that are being attached to the team put together by his old adversary.”

As mentioned in the Arsenal Preview & MDT, with the derby just over a month away, the pressure is starting to show inMaureen as he sees his old adversary and the club he coaches glean all the plaudits their performances and results.........and the credit for delivering them going to Guardiola.

The build up to the derby could get spicy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maureen doesn’t increasingly revert to type over the next four weeks and start the low level sniping........
I for one do not want Maureen to change, you could class Stretford as a once exciting side to watch (unless you are a blue) but I love this unattractive football coming from a little town outside the City of Manchester boundaries.